Morning Funny

From Jeff:

“I support the Second Amendment. Law-abiding citizens should be able to own guns,” Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, a New York senator, said in response to questions from The Des Moines Register. “But I also believe strongly in smart laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.”

Man… I hope no one is buying that. Her husband’s administration was an unmitigated disaster for gun owners. Hers will be worse.

UPDATE: Let’s take a look at Hillary’s support for the second amendment:

  1. Voted to reinstate the assault weapons ban.
  2. Cosponsored the 50 caliber ban
  3. Voted against ending frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers.
  4. Voted against bill preventing arms seizures during emergencies

I could go on and on, but if this is supporting the second amendment, I’d hate to see what she thinks crapping on it would look like.

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