The Democratic War on Women

According to Democratic Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, women who want to legally use firearms to defend themselves should only use rifles that are easy to manage. The limitations to this rule of self-defense is that they shouldn’t use any called AR-15 or with shoulder things that go up.

Democratic Vice President Joe Biden says that Rep. McCarthy, the dear little old lady, just doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that women should only consider shotguns for self-defense.

But out in Colorado, Democratic Rep. Joe Salazar thinks they are both clearly wrong because women aren’t capable of sound judgement if they “feel like [they]’re going to be raped,” so they’ll shoot up the place and kill all sorts of innocent people with their willy nilly unsafe gun use.

So, tell me again, which political party is known as the party of women’s right to choose?

12 thoughts on “The Democratic War on Women”

  1. The Denver Post has a poll up and running about Salazar’s remarks. Currently the “Yes, the critics are right to be upset” answer is running somewhat behind the “No, people shouldn’t be offended” answer.

    It’s on the main page, partway down and to the right. There’s a picture of Joe Salazar (bald, glasses, trying really hard to grow a goatee) right above it.

  2. My wife, who stands 4’11” and about 103 pounds, does not like the kick of the side by side. She prefers the Sig 250 in 9mm.

  3. It’s not even open to debate. An 11.5″ AR with M4 stock and a standard 30rd magazine is the best choice for home defense, period.😋

    1. Not if you don’t you don’t want to go to the NFA process or wind up in jail for violating it.

      And while an AR-15 is a good choice, I’d say calling it the “best choice, period, not open to debate” is…well, fanboyish. There’s a lot to be said for other options, even if you confine your choices to the AR platform (personally, I think the .223 round is barely adequate as it is; cutting the barrel down to 11.5″ doesn’t help). I’d prefer to allow individuals to make a choice that is best suited for them.

      1. He was referring to the recent justification given by DHS as to why they needed AR’s.

  4. So those Videos of Sarah Palin shooting her AR were faked?

    Oh, as for those “Poor Little Girls” who can’t handle a “Real Man’s Gun,” perhaps someone should have told the Soviet Red Army that during WW2 and maybe they would not have issued Female Snipers Moisen-Nagants?

  5. Oh, so according to the State of Colorado, it is the Official Policy of all those Female Democratic State Reps who voted with that Idiot Salazar that it’s better for Women to be RAPED than to Defend themselves.

    Someone should run an Ad out there next Election Cycle naming them by name and telling everyone that those Females SUPPORT their Daughters being Raped on Campus.

  6. I am pro-rifle choice. I support a woman’s right to choose what rifle is best.

  7. Come now.

    We all know “choice” in a context of women’s rights only means “choose to have an abortion, or at least lots of birth control”.

    (Would that it were not so – that the people so loudly proclaiming about it supported not just other choices but choice in general in all available areas of human action

    But I can’t find any alternative way to analyze such claims, generally, that doesn’t make them fall apart with inconsistency.

    It’s almost like people mean “choice” as “making choices I agree with“, and no others.)

    1. Of course you’re right. Rand Paul made this same comment at a senate committee hearing as well. I believe Sebastian posted the video to here. He was speaking to a “pro-choice” woman about something and he suggested the limits of her “pro-choice” mentality ended at her stance on abortion.

  8. ? if that is the case then how does this fit in with the administration allowing of women in combat??? *note, snarky comment/question*

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