Has NRA Finally Decided to Kick Ted Nugent to the Curb?

After years and years of Uncle Ted embarrassing the NRA with his bullshit, a more beautiful sight I can’t imagine beholding:


NRA’s Program Guide to Annual Meeting would seem to be delightfully Nugent free. Taking music to a new level this  year, apparently without Ted Nugent. I’d like to think this isn’t just a happy coincidence. I hope it isn’t. Jacob has long said if NRA wants Nugent to go away, all NRA had to do was stop paying him to show up. Is it too soon to hope that’s finally happened?

11 thoughts on “Has NRA Finally Decided to Kick Ted Nugent to the Curb?”

  1. Even with no Uncle Ted, the NRA has booked Toby Keith, who licensed his name to a chain of restaurants that do not allow their customers to lawfully carry in.

    I guess money in Toby’s pockets is more important than his principles.

    This is like the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)booking Bill Engvall who said the following in 2011 on ‘Real Time with Bill Mahr’.

    “I don’t believe there’s any reason for a person like myself to own an AK-47… I’d be willing to meet you halfway and say I think you can ban guns if you can pull the trigger and 60 bullets come out—there’s no need, it’s not used for hunting, it would ruin any of the meat…”

    In 2012 he said this in an interview with “NorthJersey.com” prior to a performance in Englewood, NJ.

    “Now I don’t think we need to take away guns from people,” he says. “All I said was, ‘I don’t see any point in a civilian owning an AK-47. That’s a military rifle to kill people.’ My Twitter account blew up. All these country fans of mine, and redneck fans were like, ‘Are you a Communist? You can’t take away our guns!’ That’s what happens a lot of times on shows like that. I enjoy doing ’em. But I’ve learned, as little celebrity as I have, you can’t have an opinion anymore.”

    I understand the NRA wants to sell tickets to their Saturday night event/concert, but I would much prefer to see them book someone other than Toby Keith. How about someone who does not compromise his/her principles for the all mighty dollar.

    1. The Toby Keith restaurant in Woodbridge, VA closed abruptly last year. Not sure how the others are doing.

  2. With music there are 2 things that often get confused. One is technical ability, the other is mere preference. For example Yngwie Malmsteen is a phenomenally talented guitarist. I never really liked the way he played though. B.B. King was a rather simplistic guitarist, but he was enjoyable to listen to.

    Ted is rather talented. He’s a competent guitarist, & he’s capable of writing decent songs. Whether one likes his music or not is entirely subjective.

    So I’d disagree with your assertion that his absence will result in “[t]aking music to a new level…”. It might make it more enjoyable for you, but despite your dislike of his behavior or even his music the guy is proficient as a musician.

    1. Wow, just wow.

      Talent is totally subjective in the way you just described it. What is the bar for writing decent songs. How is decent measured? How is competent measured? Heck there are 10 year old kids who can play the guitar and write songs. Does that mean they pass your bar of “rather talented”.

      The NRA is better off without having to absorb the fallout from Ted’s unfiltered mouth and anti-semitic posts.

      I sent my ballot back without Ted’s bubble colored in. Ted’s brash statements and his dislike of Jews would be a much better fit with the GOA and the Pratt family.

      Oh, and I’ve seen plenty of proficient musicians playing on the subway platforms.

      1. I too did not vote for Ted in the NRA election. His public comments are a detriment to the 2A cause.

  3. “…if NRA wants Nugent to go away, all NRA had to do was stop paying him to show up.”

    A nice touch too would have been if the Nominating Committee hadn’t endorsed him. Otherwise I take “kicked to the curb” with a grain of salt.

    1. I agree about the nominating committee, but that’s a separate decision making entity from the group that plans Annual Meeting. The other issue is that the nominating committee had already met before his latest round of bullshit. I’m probably hoping against hope, but maybe next time he’s up he won’t get nominated.

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