Ted Nugent Says Mitt Backed His Rhetoric

The media doesn’t seem to want to let this issue die, but then again, it would seem that neither does Ted Nugent. Is it good for Romney, or bad for Romney? I tend to think that Romney is better off without the controversy, but Romney also has a hard time reaching the kind of people Ted Nugent reaches.

2 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Says Mitt Backed His Rhetoric”

  1. It also seems to me that the sort of people that would care about that super-kerfuffle are exactly the people that weren’t gonna vote for Any Republican Ever anyway.

  2. Romney certainly hasn’t reached me. –From their recent candidate choices, it seems to me that the GOP is almost as willing to let the Republic die as the Dems are to murder it. It might be kinder to get it over with more quickly.

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