Watching the Left Come Unraveled over Ted Nugent

According to many on the left, Ted Nugent is crazy and paranoid for suggesting he’s going to be in jail if Obama wins re-election, while at the same time Obama’s supporters are yammering that he should be in jail. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Nugent’s over-the-top rhetoric, but anyone who thinks he was literally calling for beheadings in November, or was making a threat against the President, is delusional. For context, here is Nugent’s full speech:

6 thoughts on “Watching the Left Come Unraveled over Ted Nugent”

  1. Invariably removed from printed quotes is the preceding line about Braveheart. It never sounds quite as bad when one makes a movie metaphor.

  2. I mean come on, its Nugent. He’s been saying this kind of stuff for 20+ years. I am not shocked at all. I’m just surprised that someone is trying to make a big deal out of it.

    His nickname isn’t “the motor city madman” for no reason.

  3. Ted just doesn’t get it. Make a wanted poster and offer $10,000 for Obama. That’s the approved method by this administration.

  4. Of course, to threaten a President you have to actually have a legally sitting President. We currently do not.

    Is not pretending to be President also Treason?

  5. The Coyote comments are the only ones that would come close.

    and Zermoid, get off my side. Your comments are neither accurate nor helpfull.

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