Investors Business Daily on Nugent

This is pretty amusing:

We need to remind the administration and the Secret Service that “Braveheart” is only a movie and that Nugent is no more likely to ride a horse down Pennsylvania Avenue wielding a medieval battle-ax than Obama was to bring a handgun to the first presidential debate.

They are referring to Obama’s rhetoric in the 2008 campaign, where in Philadelphia he said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

One Response to “Investors Business Daily on Nugent”

  1. Matthew Carberry says:

    In any event, if Ted did choose to ride in with a battle axe and call him out, the President has clearly stated his willingness to bring a gun to the fight.

    I’m mean, sure, the smart money would still be on “The Nuge”, but, based on his public statements, “The Pres” seems willing to rumble.