Baghdad Bob Award Goes to Bloomberg’s Trace

Just yesterday I asked, in response to a record March in NICS checks:

Do the folks like Bloomberg and his paid lackeys still want to argue that gun ownership is really in decline?

Apparently, the answer is yes, yes they do. Do I think this will go on forever? No. It some point the market will stop booming. But it’s hard to argue there hasn’t been significant expansion in the gun culture. You know, the gun culture Bloomberg wants to destroy. With that, The Trace gets the Baghdad Bob award for reporting.

Bagdad Bob The Trace

10 thoughts on “Baghdad Bob Award Goes to Bloomberg’s Trace”

  1. So S&W is off it’s year to date high at the casino/NYSE. Yet, Ruger is up about 10% from it’s opening on Jan 4? Ruger has very little debt on it’s balance sheet. S&W has debt, a little too high for my taste, but it has decent cash flow. Yet the BS artist who wrote the article just concentrated on the NICS check and stock price. Most U.S. gun companies (and many foreign e.g. Glock, HK) are not publicly traded companies, so figuring out their financial health takes a bit of investigative work, which we know that 99% of all democratic operatives with bylines won’t do…work. It’s easier to lie and opinion-ate BS, which journalists do very well.

  2. Nobody I know voted for Nixon.

    Remember that line?

    Facts and reality do not coexist with liberal ideology and theories. Facts are painful and they hurt little liberal heads that are safely ensconced in the hind end of their unicorn.

    1. You know what hurts my head? People who generalize too much. Ow, ooh! Pass the aspirin!

  3. It’s all the same ‘We’ve always been at war w/ Eastasia’ nonsense they put out. After years of record sales, there’s a slight downturn and they start screaming “See!!! See!!! The gun industry is dying like we’ve been saying for 40 years”. Saw the exact same thing in ’09.

  4. Wow, interesting to see how fast handguns overtook long guns. I’d never seen the checks broken up like that.

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