NSSF Expresses Concerns over UN Trace Request

According to NSSF, H&K told the UN to take a hike and file their request through the prescribed law enforcement channels. They also express some concern:

“Firearms trace data is a law enforcement tool to help aid in specific criminal investigations,” said NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. “Our concerns with this trace request stem from UN-efforts to impose arms trade control treaties that would lead to a ban on the civilian possession and ownership of firearms, possibly even in the United States despite Second Amendment protections and the recent Supreme Court decision (Heller v. District of Columbia) reaffirming that Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms.”

I don’t see any reason to make it easy for the UN to provide evidence that a small arms treaty is necessary, which I suspect the trace request was related to. If it had been a law enforcement need, they would have known the proper channels to go through to get the trace.

One thought on “NSSF Expresses Concerns over UN Trace Request”

  1. Um, if it had been a law enforcement need? I do hope you mean if it had been a received from a true law enforcement organization, as the UN is *not* a US law enforcement organization. And should they try and insert themselves into our politics in such a way as they presume to be a law enforcement agency within the borders of the United States, we need to be crystal clear to them that should they not back off, there will be repercussions. Personally, I’d consider it nothing less than a hostile invasion.

    I’m a little disappointed that H&K referred the UN to the ‘prescribed law enforcement channels’. They should have just said to take a hike and left it that. Lord knows we have enough internationalists within our government who would be more than happy to provide this trace data to the UN.

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