NRA Annual Meeting 2016 Attendance

NRA Louisville Logo 2016

My source from the NRA Board Meeting had reported in, and attendance this year was 80,452. This is the second highest attended Annual Meeting. Houston still holds the overall record of 86,228. Houston was when we were under the most significant attack we faced after the antis successfully exploited Sandy Hook to go after us. Also, on Friday, traffic gridlocked in Louisville. Saturday the venue was managing the parking situation pretty poorly. There’s a good chance this could have been a record breaker if not for the venue. In Nashville last year, attendance was 78,865, and before that in Indianapolis, 75,267. I’m afraid that for us Pennsylvnians, NRA has outgrown our venues. Pittsburgh gridlocked with under 70,000.

In a way, as the event grows it gets less fun for me. It’s harder to move around the floor and you don’t run into people as much. If I missed you this year, sorry about that. Even the law seminar has gotten so big, there were several readers there who I’ve met before that I’ve missed because the room really is that big.

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  1. Wow. Wish I could have attended.
    Indianapolis is probably a good location. They should also look out west. Head to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City.

    1. Indy isn’t bad as a convention city, but it’s not among my favorites. They did poll attendees about Vegas, though.

      I would LOVE Salt Lake City. I’d go out early and stay late. They have the Family History Library. :)

    2. You really should be glad you didn’t try to go, we drove 3 hours, got there @ 9AM. The tried to get in the East, there was so much traffic you couldn’t get close to the exit. So we tried South, waited to exit highway, after a triaxle almost took ooff our bumper & traffic on the overpass was stopped. We gave up & left. I was very disappointed.

  2. Now the NRAAM is over, you could consider NJ SAFE Conference! July 30th, Hilton Parsippany. Can’t carry (Sorry, still NJ) but we will have Cam Edwards, Shaneen Allen, & Evan Nappen speaking, amongst others.

  3. Yet the GAOS puts many more through the door than the NRAAM. Maybe the NRAAM should be a week long instead of just three days.

    Just saying.

    I was at Pittsburgh event and I didn’t notice the gridlock. I was there all three days. I loved it, but, it was crazy packed with people. The GOAS is more enjoyable and the venue is much larger than the Pittsburgh venus. So, there are still gun friendly venues in PA.

    1. No offense meant but “didn’t notice the gridlock” in Pittsburgh? We stayed to the west and just getting to the tunnel before the bridge took 45 minutes.

      As much as I like having the events close by, I do agree we need to head west after Atlanta.

      1. My experience was much different and we stayed in Oakwood. Traffic was no worse than any other time in Pittsburgh. We always had decent parking in the meat packing district.

  4. NRA should split the meeting perhaps? Have a western and eastern location?
    Just a thought.

    1. That’s way more work for staff, will pull vendors in different directions which won’t be the same experience for people, and it will cost significantly more.

      They do try to move it around, but unfortunately there are fewer western options that have a big draw potential. They did poll about Phoenix and Vegas this year, though.

  5. In May 2016, there were 66 murders in Chicago. Over 80 thousand at the NRA meeting and no one was murdered. I guess guns don;t pull their own triggers.

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