Well, This is Certainly a Fun Development

I have to give the 2016 cycle one thing, it’s probably nearly as entertaining as it is depressing, and to that end we find out that one of Hillary’s staffers has been offered immunity by the Justice Department, and it’s the guy who set up her infamous e-mail server. Popehat noted on Twitter:

Grab the popcorn folks. this show is probably about to get even more riveting. I think Obama was happy to sit back and let Bernie take down Hillary for him, but it would seem after his lackluster Super Tuesday showing, the Administration has decided Bernie might need a little assistance.

11 thoughts on “Well, This is Certainly a Fun Development”

  1. “Security reviews” normally don’t require giving someone Immunity.

    Also you only need to extend protections from prosecution if you’re planning to prosecute someone…

    Also given this is coming from the Department of Justice…

  2. I will still be surprised if she get indited. Even more surprised if she does time.

    1. She won’t be indicted or do time. But she won’t get the nomination either. Joe Biden will

      All is proceeding as Inhave predicted.

  3. Dude better be careful or the Clintons will have him floating face down in a river somewhere. Dangerous knowing where their bodies are buried…

  4. One of the things that I have always found curious this election season was “But Candidate X will be the best to beat Hillary!”

    First off, while it looks like Hillary will get the nomination (for various reasons, I don’t think Bernie will do well, once we are far into the political season), but between rumored health issues, and this email scandal, I’ve often had my doubts. Sure, she’ll get the delegates, but can she stay the course?

    Second, it’s well-known that Hillary isn’t well-liked. To this end, she’s like Trump: a very large percentage of people already know her, and no matter what these candidates do, for good or ill, the percentage who already know her aren’t going to change their opinion of her. And a large percentage of that opinion is already negative…

    I’ve often wondered how the various Republican candidates would fare against a Joe Biden candidacy…

  5. Prediction:

    Once there are no longer enough delegates to award that could put Bernie oer the top, you will see a grand jury stand up to explore the Clinton issues. She will then back out to fight the issues, and Biden will be drafted.


    Lynch cannot control the investigators or attorneys at the DoJ National Security investigative office. They are pretty hard-core. She can, however, impact the timing of a grand jury inquiry (indictment is not in the cards any time soon). She has that limited power.

    Timing is the only issue here. Sink Clinton too soon and Bernie gets renewed chance to gather the rest of the delegates. Too late is just too late.

    The DNC Nominating Convention is July 25th and the CA Primary is June 7th. CA has 546 delegates and I bet even they won’t help Bernie once Hillary locks everything up tight by May. So expect nothing before she is mathematically the winner (though not technically nominated).

    So expect the piano to drop sometime in May or June. In exchange for backing out (and shutting up), she’ll get a “Mark Rich Pardon” at the end of Obama’s term.

    Other predictions:

    – Jake Sullivan’s lawyer is shopping an immunity deal right now. He is the pivot on a lot of moving data and was on the inside – but not tight enough to warrant the full Clinton protection racket. It looks like he was set up to be the patsy in all this: pretty much everything goes through him. If you know his wife, I’d suggest she buy extra life insurance for him.

    – Patrick Kennedy is also a name to watch, but he’s more SOL than Sullivan because he was close enough to get burned, but not close enough to take good notes.

    – For those who know WTF I am referring to, State INR’s shitty reputation will sink to a level that even they could not imagine. And the sad thing is those are some good folks over there – they just happen to always work for horrible people. Always have and always will. Poor folks. I feel for them.

  6. Well, the guy evidently took the Fifth in front of Congress a while back.

    Remind me to go long in shadenfreude futures

  7. I saw a great disturbance on facebook, as though millions of Berners simultaneously decorated their cupcakes, and then fell to chattering.

    (With aplogies to Tam)

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