Could The Administration Sic OSHA on Gun Friendly Employers?

OSHAJoe Huffman wonders if this is going to be our next fight. I don’t see this as being off the mark, in terms of being something they could do. Recall that his original executive orders asked every agency to have a good hard look at where they could screw us. Joe is right to point out the complications, but they could easily overcome that by allowing business to apply for exemptions, which would of course only be granted to companies in “appropriate industries.”

Of course, there’s a part of me that thinks, “Maybe we shouldn’t give them ideas,” but that conflicts with the part of me that thinks we do ourselves a favor in trying to think of ways they could come after us. That might allow for preemptive measures to remove the topic of firearms in the workplace from the purview of OSHA.

8 thoughts on “Could The Administration Sic OSHA on Gun Friendly Employers?”

  1. I don’t know why, but even the thought of this seriously pisses me off.

    I like your thought about removing firearms from the purview of OSHA completely, just to cut it off at the pass.

  2. The way to make sure this stuff doesn’t keep happening is ensuring a GOP congress has the stones to defund this kind of thing.

  3. I think it would depend on how they could show some workplace hazard from lawful carrying employees. The historical record is more that an unarmed workforce is at more hazard of injury from firearms.

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