Arming Police Officers Not an OSHA Matter

OSHA washes its hands of a claim by Princeton University Police officers that the University’s policy prohibiting them from carrying guns is a workplace hazard.  But of course, OSHA seems to think keeping guns out of the workplace is their business.

Police officers should be allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves throughout the course of their duties, and also off duty.  Even on a college campus like Princeton, it can be dangerous work.  Princeton isn’t far from a certain city that’s infested with crime, and college kids are easy targets, especially rich ones.  Their cops should be armed.  The fact that this is even an issue should say how out of touch academics have gotten from ordinary people.  Princeton University should be ashamed.  OSHA should be ashamed too, and We The People should put an end to this unconstitutional monstrosity of a federal agency.

4 thoughts on “Arming Police Officers Not an OSHA Matter”

  1. I’m not against them being armed, but isn’t Princeton private property? Don’t they have the right to define the bounds of their own land? I’m not defending OSHA here, but I AM for property rights. If they want to be cops with arms, maybe they should work for a different police force? Otherwise, you accept the rules of your employer. That being said, I went to a private university that allowed their police to carry, and I think that’s the right thing to do. But really, we’re talking private property, and I admit it bothers me that we set expectations for any federal body to impose itself on private property in that manner.

  2. I think they do, but OSHA has seen fit to poke its nose into the workplace to discourage guns, is sure as hell can do it to make sure police officers have access to all the proper safety equipment necessary for them to do their jobs. My point was to point out that OSHA is biased against guns.

  3. Sounds odd, well here at VCU our university cops are a branch of the Richmond City PD, so they NEED guns anyways…

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but here in these United States, a police officer who doesn’t carry a gun is not a real police officer – more like a security guard instead. In other countries, say like the UK and New Zealand, I guess one can be gun-free and still be considered a police officer, but this is America.

    It only figures that these university police who want guns but cannot get them yet are in New Jersey. That state is about as friendly to lawful gun owners and our 2nd Amendment rights as a porcupine is cuddly.

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