Denmark Woman Charged After Fending Off Rapist With Spray

OC Spray

There is technically self-defense law in Denmark, as long as you don’t use something effective, like pepper spray. I can’t imagine any rationale by which a free society can tell someone they can’t carry and use even a defensive spray. Especially with this rape culture spreading throughout Europe. Denmark isn’t the only country. Even our neighbor to the north, Canada, bans defensive spray. Bastions of freedom, the countries of Saudi Arabia and Russia allow it. You can see the whole list of ridiculousness here.

The right to defend life and limb, and to have access to effective tools for doing so is not an American right, it is a human right. I would argue it is perhaps the most basic human right there is. It is a shame there are so many countries in the world that don’t recognize and protect it.

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  1. It didn’t work out so well when Rome let barbarians settle inside the empire. I suspect it won’t work out well for the current crop of Euros either…

  2. My current employer is not only a gun-free zone, but also bans defensive sprays.

    Saddly it’s the best job I’ve ever had…but boy is that stuff dumb!

    1. I am in the SAME boat – and the internal conflict is real. They technically ban all “weapons” – defensive or not. I use the “it’s a tool” loop hole to carry a somewhat useful pocket knife as a last resort.

  3. Well it’s racist to defend yourself against attack from muslims. Because diversity.

  4. When I used to deliver pizzas, I always carried a can of hornet spray. My boss didn’t like it, but he couldn’t prevent me from doing so. WD-40 works as well, but only at close range.

    1. While your company clearly didn’t want you defending yourself from humans, in that profession you probably could reasonably justify tools to defend yourself from dogs: There are defensive sprays specifically marketed for this purpose, and I suspect that they’re reasonably effective against people too.

  5. From the correct perspective it makes perfect sense. One of those perspectives is the political class view all “lower classes” to be cattle.

    Cattle are dehorned so they are less able to hurt each other. Because, unless judged otherwise by the political class, all cattle are of equal value.

    The continuing attack on males is explained by this perspective as well. A cattle rancher castrates nearly all the males for the same reason, to make them less able to harm others.

  6. -I can’t imagine any rationale by which a free society can tell someone they can’t carry and use even a defensive spray.-
    But at least in New England the same thing can happen. Not that we subject are free…
    The police pretty much had to make an arrest, but the prosecuting department will hopefully drop the charge.

  7. EUROPE IS NOT A COUNTRY! Denmark is a country IN Europe. Europe is a CONTINENT!

  8. Ah, and the feminists say nothing about this, I assume. I love when conflicting and irrational liberal views and their special interest groups collide.

    So what is an acceptable number of rapes and murders before they take action. I fear no number will suffice.

    If I was in there I would adopt the American theme that it is better to be tried by twelve then carried by six.

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