Weekly Gun News – Edition 24


Gun news is actually getting kind of scarce out there. I do not wish that to change. I have learned my lesson in regards to “careful what you wish for.” I do have enough to do a good tab clearing.

One Guam lawmaker is trying to ease the island’s gun laws to bring them into compliance with the Second Amendment.

Ted Strickland, former NRA A-rated Democratic governor of Ohio has flipped 180 on the gun issue. Doesn’t look like it’s working out too well for him.

I blame Trump: Jenn Jacques at Bearing Arms says the piggish male is back at SHOT.

Uncle takes a look at the scariest product at SHOT.

Three pro-gun bills in Colorado. I don’t know if they have a chance, but it’s important to keep trying.

Is open carry backfiring in Texas? You guys need to get rid of that 30.06 and 30.07 stuff and just let trespassing law take care of things.

One town in Massachusetts is now demanding applicants for Class A LTCs write an essay. Heller and McDonald are effectively dead in the First Circuit, having been effectively overturned by the lower courts, with SCOTUS refusing to do anything about it.

Chris Christie is still proud of his “law and order” record of denying people fundamental rights based on someone’s presence on a secret government list. Well, then I’ll be proud not to vote for him.

Tam opines on the gun business in the way only Tam can.

Mike Rowe may not be an NRA member, but he seems to know the issue pretty well.

Looks like a new venue for the Lancaster Friends of NRA dinner, the largest in the state, I believe, decided to jerk the committee around on open carry.

Happy 161st birthday to John Moses Browning.

They say that like it’s a good thing: “Michael Bloomberg is more than just the billionaire former mayor of New York — he’s a leading voice on gun control.” His money, plus Obama’s bully pulpit, is pretty much the only reason the gun control movement still exists.

We’re not doing too well in Florida this session.

Of course she doesn’t: “Clinton Doesn’t List Self-Defense As Valid Reason to Own a Gun.”

Yeah, whatever Baghdad Bob: “Gun fantatics’ refusal to bend ensures they will be toppled.

Brilliant: A lawmaker in South Carolina proposed a bill to register journalists, which met with the expected reaction. Now you boneheads know what it feels like to be a gun owner.

It probably makes me a bad person, but articles like this just make me smile. They need to go back to their safe space and stay there.


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  1. I can’t comment on whether there are more No Self-Defense signs in TX now but I am suspicious because the picture used to illustrate the article is an old one from several years ago. I think you published it. I think you said that scenes like this had killed the OC law for all time.

  2. I remember someone–perhaps it was Instapundit–who linked to an article about how newspapers were discovering that comments were bad for discourse. I’m a bit annoyed to see some of these articles with no comment function (or if there is one, it’s extremely difficult to find). It’s especially galling when they say “Join the Conversation” but then only provide ways to share the article!

    It seems that Reasoned Discourse(TM) is spreading to the newspapers. We can’t have the dirty public smudging our well-researched stories with facts and alternative anecdotes!

    Even so, it’s still fun to see the pro-gun comments on the anti-gun editorials outnumbering the anti-gun comments by about ten to one, where they are still allowed!

  3. In Texas and havnt seen any new signs up in the Houston area….havnt seen an oc yet outside of gun stores.

    1. There’s a report that the Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative have been sending gout 30.06 and 30.07 signs to their members. In many cases, the members have been putting the signs up w/o understanding what they meant. When informed, many of the business were taking down one or both of the signs. A licenses TX CHL instructor has sent a letter to GHRC to get more information on this.

  4. Oregon has a couple bills introduced into this year’s “short” legislative session.

    LC 250 provides for firearm transfer denials if someone reports a mental health emergency. The list of “reporters” is pretty long, there’s no override or due process, and there are enough immunities and anonymities built in that there is little (if any) accountability or redress available.

    LC 263 (which will be HB 4147) ends default proceeds on firearm transfers. Delays are effectively denials until resolved either way, and there’s no time limit.

    I’ve noted elsewhere that Democrats in the Oregon Legislature seem to have an inferiority complex — or a “keep up with the Joneses” mentality — when it comes to other states on the Left Coast. Washington got “universal background checks”, so we got them the next year. California got “gun violence restraining orders” for mental health crises, so a watered-down version is on our plate now, too. And what self-respecting anti-gunner (hah!) wouldn’t end default proceeds if they were able?

  5. I spent some time out in Guam and researched the laws out there, with some vague hopes of being able to keep up with target shooting and maybe even go on a pig hunt. Alas, it was not to be, for Guam’s gun laws seem to have been written by the US Navy when they literally occupied the island as a provincial holding, with essentially a military viceroy. Being a colonial occupier, the USG was not keen on the locals being armed, and a strong anti-gun and anti-self defense thread continues to run through Guam’s legal code to this day.

    The legislator out there has a very long uphill battle to face.

  6. 30.06 & 30.07 signs ARE the trespassing law. They were instituted back when concealed carry was new and merchants were putting up 1 inch ghostbuster signs down in the corner of the door to appease anti-gunners. Then the 30.06 signs were designed and they had to be about 2 ft by 2 ft. There were very few of them. Now with open carry, a lot of businesses are putting up 30.07 signs to appease the anti-gunners. They will likely come down soon.

    1. I see what you are saying now. The penalty under Texas’s general trespassing statute (which is pretty damned complicated) is the same as it is is under 30.06 and 30.07, only those provisions are clearer.

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