Busted in Russia

Don’t take a box of ammo to your buddy in Russia.  American attitudes toward guns are rather unique in the world.  Guns in Russia, for instance, are heavily regulated or prohibited in many cases.  Guns in Mexico are flat out illegal, despite the fact that Mexico has their own version of the second amendment.  There have been folks who have been prosecuted at the border of Mexico for having a single piece of ammunition floating around in their car.

Of course, both Mexico and Russia have violent crime rates that are stratospheric compared to the United States, and I’m also told that 50 dollars will cause the Mexican authorities to suddenly remember they have a right to keep and bear arms.  But the anti-gun folks get around that bit of inconvenience by arguing that those countries aren’t “civilized.”  You see, civilized countries are only the ones that ban guns and have a lower rate of crime than the United States.

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