Happy New Year

Happy 2016. Every year I think things can’t possibly get worse, and they do! It’s an election year. The silly season is upon us, and this year promises to be extra silly.

Happy New Year to Texans, who can start open carrying pistols today if you have a CHP.

6 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. ARL says:

    The Texas license is now an LTC, “License to Carry”. It was a CHL, “Concealed Handgun License”, but we don’t have to do that any more, so the Texas DPS changed the name.

    • Sebastian says:

      I’m aware of the case law around it. It’s recognized as a right, though a relatively second class right, much like we have federally. The judicial class is uncomfortable with the implications of it being a robust right, like freedom of speech. What else is new?

      • Joe_in_Pitt says:

        Commonwealth v. McKown really boggles my mind. The PA Constitution doesn’t grant the right to carry? Is there another definition of “bear” that I’m unaware of?

  2. SimpsonsFreak says:

    Ha ha, great video!!