Weekly Gun News – Edition 21


It’s tough after something like the San Bernardino attacks to keep writing about guns. Glenn Reynolds keeps floating the idea that Obama wants us to argue about guns as a distraction from his real failures. This seems plausible to me, and there is a certain amount of feeling like I play into his hands. But the blog must go on.

The Civilian Self-Defense Blog is back, documenting what we are told regularly can’t possibly ever happen. You’ll recall this effort by Clayton Cramer was shut down because of copyright trolls.

The Maryland Minute Men of 1942.

Never let anyone tell you that no one is after your guns.

Thirdpower points so some other loony thing the gun control folks are proposing.

People in San Bernardino are voting on gun control with their wallets. Lines out the door at local gun shops.

Marco Rubio is right on guns, says Washington Post’s fact checkers. Rubio claimed that “no recent mass shootings would have been prevented by gun laws.” They go case by case and show that none of the proposed gun laws would have made a difference. It’s pleasing when they get it right.

Answering the important questions: How much will the CMP 1911s likely cost?

Dave Hardy paid a visit to the Clinton library, to get some insight into what was going on in the White House during gun control fights. Good idea!

The eight most over-the-top smears of NRA Gun Owners in 2015. And this was put together before San Bernardino!

So the straw buyer for the terrorist couple doesn’t look like the kind of guy who will do well in prison.

Simple Justice: “While this assertion is facile, blame Scalia’s errant paragraph in Heller for opening the door. His unprincipled caveat means that Times and gun control advocates get to call for whatever regulation they deem reasonable.

Tam: “You can’t make this stuff up.

Jim Geraghty: “The Surge in New Gun Sales is Entirely Rational.”

Obama threatening to use executive power to close gun loophole.

Dave Hardy has further thoughts on the cert denial in Friedman v. Highland Park.

Eugene Volokh: “Can Americans be denied Second Amendment rights because the Attorney General suspects they’re terrorists?” also “Why bans on so-called ‘assault weapons’ are unlikely to reduce mass shooting deaths.” It’s been good for us to have the Volokh Conspiracy in the WaPo.

Guns and Vultures

Law Review Paper: Gay Rights Strengthen Gun Rights

These ISIS inspired militants had a plan.

SayUncle offers some Gear Advice. I don’t really have much to add. I agree when it comes to optics and holsters, you get what you pay for.

Popehat: Talking productively about guns.

Why you can’t find .22LR ammunition.

Why yes, I always form my political opinions based on the opinions of vapid celebrities. I might be worried when the other side tries something genuinely new for a change.

I agree this kind of thing is not helping. It’s worth noting that the Kurds, who are doing most of the killing and dying fighting ISIS, are muslims.

There is now a right to possess a switchblade in Wisconsin.

Depression is no barrier to a gun carry permit. Nor should it be.

Chris Cox: “No, Mr. President, the NRA is not to blame.

Personally, I’d call it a step in the right direction.

Reason: How California’s Gun Control Laws Failed

Mike Bloomberg isn’t buying much democracy for his money.

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  1. W/r/t Bloomy buying democracy, I find it funny when anyone considers PAAG Kane a winner. We need to incessantly shame him and his big spending ways for financially backing this alleged criminal.

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