Things We Seem to Know About San Bernardino

Jesus Wept

The following things appear to be facts at this point. I stress appear.

I feel like I’m way too young to start talking like my grandparents about how this country is going to hell in a hand basket, but it is. We have become an unserious people. We have the left on one hand who can’t name something for what it is, and then on the right you have the clown show that’s the GOP primary.

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  1. No matter what CAIR says of the idiots in the White House Most people will get the idea that that nice moderate Muslim they work with is a jihadist in waiting and they will not be wrong since any faithful adherent to that religion has the order to kill infidels. We are infidels to them.

    1. I see it like Jews and animal sacrifice/stoning. The commands are right there for anyone to see, it’s just a matter of whether the person believes those commands were intended for the current time and place…..

      1. Jewry as a whole hasn’t practiced animal sacrifice since the destruction of the second temple around 1,450 years ago. That event marked the beginning of a MAJOR shift in what it meant, in practice, to be Jewish.

        A similar reformation occurred within Christianity occurred around 500 years ago when Martin Luther started the Festivus tradition of airing grievances.

        Of the major religions, this is one way in which Islam has seemingly not had a similar event: Mainstream Islam tends to moderate every few hundred years only to get dragged all the way back to 700 BCE. 50 years ago large portions of the middle east, including countries that are currently third-world backwaters, were thriving first-world countries: Go look at pictures of Beirut from that period and the only way you can tell them from various European cities from the same time period is architectural quirks; You’ll see women without headscarfs/veils, and wearing knee-length skirts without extra garments to conceal appendages.

        Islam is likely to continue to represent a threat to the world until such time as it has it’s own permanent major reformation.

      2. Yes, just like all those modern Jews we’ve seen publicly stoning folks in the last decade.

        Oh, wait, those weren’t Jews at all. Were they?

  2. There are a lot of AR’s in CA and S&W makes one M&P that is just for the CA trade.
    What this does show is that magazine capacity restrictions are foolish and useless, and someone injured and unable to return fire due to a small magazine should sue the State for imposing onerous limits to self-defense.

  3. There’s also that it looks like the male perp flew off to Saudi Arabia.

    So unless he was added on afterwards… I doubt he was on the no-fly list.

  4. “It’s like that Paris thing never happened.”

    Considering that the Teleprompter-in-Chief publicly declared – in Paris – that “things like this don’t happen in other countries”, it seems that officially the Paris thing never did happen.

  5. To convert a California legal AR-15 to a California illegal AR-15 you just to remove the bullet button (a simple impediment to the magazine release button). Add a standard capacity magazine and you’ve got any AR-15.

    Here’s a picture of a bullet button:

    The law in question was determined to mean that a magazine was not removable if you needed to use a tool (a bullet tip counts) to remove it.

    1. And there are even magnetic “tools” that largely hold themselves in place to reduce inconvenience for CA residents when they travel to other states.

  6. We know California won’t let this slide without banning something. Even if that means banning something the killers didn’t use because what they used was already banned.

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