Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, California

The LA Times says possible multiple shooters, which wouldn’t seem to be a lone crazy, if true. Of course, almost everything you will hear in the first 24 hours will be complete bullshit, so take news reports with a huge grain of salt.

I don’t tend to cover these stories as they unfold. Naturally there will be a lot of people with agendas exploiting this for political purposes. We know the drill by now.

6 Responses to “Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, California”

  1. Bill says:

    From reading the LA Times article it almost sounds like a robbery that went bed. But based on what the center does, it does not make sense that someone would rob the place. More to follow I’m sure

    • Sigivald says:

      Yeah, I saw someone on Instapundit suggest [indirectly] that it was probably ISIL.

      But … the target makes almost that little sense for them, too.

      (They don’t like music, sports, other religions, symbols of “Western power”.

      A social services center for developmental disabilities?

      That wouldn’t even make their Z list for targets.)

      • HSR47 says:

        I know it’s pedantic, but words matter.

        “ISIL” is a term to be avoided; It gives their goal of annexing the entire region, including Israel, official recognition.

        “ISIS” — “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” reflects the area where they presently hold territory, while “IS” simply acknowledges their self-appointed status as the “Islamic State.”

  2. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    I’m starting to read it was a Christmas party for county employees? Could it be a hit? Too much BS flying around.

  3. aerodawg says:

    Whole story is bizarre thus far….

  4. Chas says:

    If California had strict gun laws banning assault rifles like California has, then these mass shootings in California would be prevented like they are in California – that’s the logic of the left.


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