Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, California

The LA Times says possible multiple shooters, which wouldn’t seem to be a lone crazy, if true. Of course, almost everything you will hear in the first 24 hours will be complete bullshit, so take news reports with a huge grain of salt.

I don’t tend to cover these stories as they unfold. Naturally there will be a lot of people with agendas exploiting this for political purposes. We know the drill by now.

7 thoughts on “Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, California”

  1. From reading the LA Times article it almost sounds like a robbery that went bed. But based on what the center does, it does not make sense that someone would rob the place. More to follow I’m sure

    1. Yeah, I saw someone on Instapundit suggest [indirectly] that it was probably ISIL.

      But … the target makes almost that little sense for them, too.

      (They don’t like music, sports, other religions, symbols of “Western power”.

      A social services center for developmental disabilities?

      That wouldn’t even make their Z list for targets.)

      1. I know it’s pedantic, but words matter.

        “ISIL” is a term to be avoided; It gives their goal of annexing the entire region, including Israel, official recognition.

        “ISIS” — “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” reflects the area where they presently hold territory, while “IS” simply acknowledges their self-appointed status as the “Islamic State.”

  2. I’m starting to read it was a Christmas party for county employees? Could it be a hit? Too much BS flying around.

  3. If California had strict gun laws banning assault rifles like California has, then these mass shootings in California would be prevented like they are in California – that’s the logic of the left.

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