Carry Your Guns, Folks

This isn’t looking like a lone nutcase. If reports are to be believed there were multiple shooters, they were prepared, and executed a swift getaway. Could we be seeing the start of a Paris-like terror campaign on our shores? Either way, carry your guns folks, it’s going to be your only prayer if you find yourself in an unlucky situation like this.

9 Responses to “Carry Your Guns, Folks”

  1. RAH says:

    As soon as I heard masks and possible body armor I thought of ISIS. I agree carry is a good idea.

    I bet that this was a no gun zone building.

    • Ed says:

      It’s California…a massive gun-free zone.

      • NotClauswitz says:

        Up here in the redneck Gold Country there are few gun-free zones and a Sheriff who issues CCW’s, and I’ve got one. The Sheriff would have a hard time stopping all the Sheriff’s Posse guys who are auxiliary, too lotta backhoes could be put to use.

        San Berdoo though, they really shouldn’t mess with a Hell’s Angels town.

  2. SayUncle says:

    As to the shooting and escaping bit, maybe they’re going somewhere else. Definitely odd.

  3. Dave Miller says:

    In California there are only about 45k active permits. Effective
    ly zero.

  4. The name Farooq Saeed is being reported as the name San Bernadino SO put out on a BOLO. Doubtless a right-wing, fundamentalist Republican.

  5. tdgrafton says:

    Sounds too much like cartel from the south.

  6. Months ago I changed my carry gun from a G19 to a G19. Two more rounds.

  7. Patrick says:

    Looking like Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, with a touch of Workplace Violence to round things out.