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Telco Demarc

I wired up the last few phone drops in our new building yesterday, so for now our office move is complete. I still have several tasks to do, but they can proceed with a normal priority, rather than having to get things working by the time everyone gets back from the holiday.

The good news is the new office is 10 minutes closer for me. Door-to-door time yesterday was 43 minutes traveling there and 46 minutes returning home. That’s almost enough to make me think I could do three days in the office and two at home, instead of the other way around.

The bad news is that our movers destroyed more than half of our furniture. We use Bush Furniture, which looks good, but it’s all cheap particleboard. To move it safely, it really needs to be disassembled. If you’re not going to do that, picking it up and carrying it is a must. The movers were dragging it over the floor instead of picking it up and carrying it. I lost my bookshelf to the move. It was really more a question of what didn’t they break.

Either way, I’m glad that’s over with.

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    1. I’ve been given to understand that movers are pretty much judgement-proof

    1. We’re still old school. At some point, we’ll probably do that. Definitely before the next move. But we had to move rather unexpectedly, since our landlord needed their space back, since they are growing.

  1. Do not be overly anxious to go with VOIP. Maintain a base of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) because VOIP depends on internet connectivity and that’s a LOT more fragile than POTS.

    1. That’s largely why we haven’t made the leap. Our Internet connection has been a hell of a lot less reliable than POTS lines in the old location, which was in the middle of nowhere. Now we’re in a corporate park, so we’ll see.

      1. POTS ain’t what it used to be, and will be getting worse as the various baby bells offload their wireline operations to get out from under the various governmental thumbs.

        That having been said, internet provider matters.

  2. As a project manager/inside salesman at the Haworth dealer for Alaska…

    Bush? Really?

    Even Hon would be a step up.

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