The Take

Still some goodies scattered around the office that didn’t sell at auction, and were destained for the dumpster. I managed to get:

  • Two HP3005dn workgroup printers. These are pretty fast networkable B&W laser printers.
  • A few 125ml Erlenmeyer flasks, new in box. There’s plenty of used glassware around, but that are not suitable for use outside a lab environment.
  • A dorm fridge we used in the crystallography lab. It pristine, and was never used to store hazardous materials.
  • A large box meant for transporting a sensitive instrument by air. The instrument is long gone, but the box is rugged, lockable, with wheels and a collapsable travel handle like on carry on luggage. My first thought was that it would make a completely excellent ammo container.
  • Two clear plexiglass boxes that were meant for storing radioactive materials. They were new in box so never actually stored any such material and are very cool. They will come in handy on my reloading bench, because they are very sturdy, and crystal clear.
  • A fire extinguisher meant to extinguish chemical fires. You never know when that could come in handy.
  • A completely new living room set. Our company bought a bunch of leather furniture a few years ago for an employee lounge. It hardly got used, because who has time to lounge? This is the one thing we bid on in the auction, and won. Other things I bid on was a top of the line electronic balance (two guesses what I intended to measure with it), two geiger counters (always handy), but I lost out to other people with deeper pockets. Got the sofa for a few hundred bucks, and it cost the company a few thousand. Furniture was to be had cheap in our auction. Lab equipment not so much.
  • I also picked up a few office chairs, one for my reloading bench and one for my workstation at home. The one for the reloading bench is really nice.

All in all I’d rather have a job, but there are benefits to sticking it out from beginning to end. Tomorrow I might recycle a bunch of scrap aluminum. At this point, we’re just looking to get crap out. Fortunately, most of it is already. My former office is completely stripped bare. Someone decided the furniture in that, which was not attached to any cubes, was worth hauling off.

Saturday is my 10th Anniversary with the company. Tomorrow the last of us will go out to lunch and celebrate :)

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  1. You are not merely Packus Ratus but Packus Ratus Exemplarus! That is a great haul.

    One other thing to look for if they still have it (or even used it) is any microfiche or microfilm. It can be recycled for the silver content.

  2. “A few 125ml Erlenmeyer flasks, new in box.”

    Be sure to check your local laws before getting these. Some places (I know Texas is one) have made it illegal to privately own lab equipment such as this. Just another stupid law that the war on some drugs has generated, but there it is.

  3. I’d heard of that law. That’s purely ridiculous.

    As for the OP, my brother rode a startup down a few years back and made off with (among other things) half a rack of networking gear. And was employed only a few weeks later. Good luck to you.

  4. OT, but I note that your friend Harry Reid is now trying to kill the Gunwalker investigation. Guess you got your money’s worth on that “friend of the Second Amendment,” huh?

    Do you seriously doubt that the end of this will be MORE gun control, rather than less? Or that Reid will be fully in support of it?

  5. I have a 50 mL beaker as a shot glass. Souvenir from my old lab job (it was never used before it was given to me).

    Interesting fact: Coors Brewing Co. supplied mortar and pestles to labs for decades before they sold off that branch of the company. In many labs all of the mortar and pestle sets have the Coors cursive beer logo on them.

    History of beer and lab equipment:

  6. Coors was big in glass and ceramics, they sold all kinds of glass and ceramic gear including insulators for high tension lines

  7. Nice haul on the remains of the company. How goes your search for new work?

  8. To be honest, I haven’t really had time to begin in earnest. I have a few irons in the fire right now, but I have no idea if they are going to pan out, and unfortunately I can’t really speak about it right now.

  9. I just recycled a washer, hot water heater. A few copper pipes. Some aluminum. And some scrap iron.

    Netted $135.

  10. Just a heads up on the lj3005s
    They are notorious for bad logic/controller boards.

    Easy fix if you know how to work on em, but parts are $$$

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