More McDonald Coverage Coming

In some ways, it was bad for the blog for both Bitter and I to go down, since it’s exceedingly difficult to cover events live with a blog. I’m sure others have better coverage than we do by this point. I noticed some commentary at Volokh here, here, and here. I have thoughts on McDonald I’ll be sharing today, but I have a good bit to get caught up with, and I’m still really drained. Yesterday was a long day, and despite getting up at 4AM, we didn’t get home until 1AM this morning.

I am very glad I went, however, and got to see at least five minutes of history being made before my eyes. I am glad I had the chance to meet with so many of the players in this herculean effort. I even introduced myself to the Brady folks, who were outside the event lining up media interviews for after the case was heard. Paul Helmke was very gracious, and we actually spent about 10 minutes talking with Peter Hamm, who was equally gracious. No reason not to be cordial with the other side, because there is always plenty of room for politics later. This is how our Republic functions, after all.

3 thoughts on “More McDonald Coverage Coming”

  1. I too have found Helmke to be personally gracious … and warm, in fact. It just bugs the heck out of me that he gets paid to do what he does! But so it goes.

  2. It’s great to see that our country still have a few people who remember that we are a republic, and that disagreeing doesn’t make the other side completely bad. Notice I did say completely since I really think they are bad for trying to take our guns.

  3. They are still devious, lying scumbags in all matters related to the second amendment regardless of how personable they are when the punches aren’t flying. That said, I actually don’t disagree with you Sebastian. No reason not to be cordial. Tarring and feathering is so 1774.

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