A Deeper Look into Bloomberg’s Extraordinary Expenditure in the Virginia Elections

Michael Bloomberg

The Washington Post takes a deeper look into the huge sums of money Mike Bloomberg is dumping into the Virginia races, and finds that one of his big ad buys isn’t even about the gun issue. One is a race baiting ad that has nothing to do with guns at all, but rather a local school district issue. Moreover, the ad misleads the reader into believing Glen Sturtevant himself is being sued, when it is actually the school board being sued.

I think this is tacit admission on the part of Bloomberg that guns aren’t a huge motivator for people on the left side of the political spectrum, and so a hard-hitting ad was needed in order to boost black turnout at the polls; a necessary thing if the Democrats are going to take that seat and have a shot at taking the Virginia Senate.

Bloomberg is absolutely determined to buy this election for himself, and he doesn’t care if he has to use issues other than guns to do it. If he’s successful, he will still own Dan Gecker, and he can use it however he wants. No one will care how he bought it. Our people need to turn out in large numbers. Don’t believe for a minute that Bloomberg doesn’t have the money or the drive to buy your state government away from the people of Virginia and make you vassals of the New York elite.

3 thoughts on “A Deeper Look into Bloomberg’s Extraordinary Expenditure in the Virginia Elections”

  1. Although only time will tell if this extra money will actually affect the elections, it’s interesting to see that Bloomberg’s attempt to buy elections is already rubbing some people the wrong way….

    A funny idea for an ad is beginning to percolate in my head…”Some want Billionaire Control Freak Mike Bloomberg to be President. But why run for President, when you could just purchase every State Senate seat and every governorship in the Union? Assuming, of course, that everyone is satisfied with having Bloomberg as their local Representative, merely because he has the money to buy every election…”

  2. I have to see (and hear) these ads on TV and radio. The truth is available, if you’re willing to look hard for it. Bloomberg’s aiming at his favorite type of voter – the NO Information Voter. I’d vote for Mr. Sturtevant, if I lived in his district. As it is, he’s got my vocal and moral support.

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