A Model for the Nation

Thirdpower takes the VPC to task for arguing that DC’s gun laws are a model for the nation.  VPC has never hidden the fact that their agenda is to end civilian ownership of firearms in this country.  One thing Thirdpower quoted:

Likewise, after 112 people were killed in 11 mass shootings in a decade, Australia collected and destroyed 700,000 firearms determined to be designed to kill many people quickly. Australia has not seen another mass shooting while its firearm homicide and firearm suicide rates have declined.

Of course, many of those firearms designed to kill as many people as possible were semi-automatic shotguns, commonly used in the shotgun sports, and the veritable Ruger 10/22, semi-automatic target rifle that fires a .22LR.  Australia did pass a firearms ban based on function; all semi-automatic firearms are illegal there.

One thought on “A Model for the Nation”

  1. They banned pump-action shotguns as well, I believe. They’re down to lever action. (Pump-action rifles are still legal, apparently.)

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