Kicking the Brady Campaign Where it Hurts

Bloomberg is signing up vapid celebrities like there’s no tomorrow. This used to be Brady’s big schtick. The Brady Gala is still around, but it used to be star studded. This year they are featuring the Mayor of Los Angeles and his wife. Ooh. Who is the Mayor of LA? I seriously don’t even know. In 2013 the Brady Gala headlined Tony Bennett. Yeah, I didn’t think he was still alive either. Even Piers Morgan, who at the time was only mostly reviled, instead of being thoroughly reviled as he is today, managed to show up at the 2013 gala. Maybe they’ll luck out and he’ll show up in 2015.

It’s probably pretty rough to be working at the Brady Campaign these days, and to watch Bloomberg sweep in with all his money, and snatch away the few last crumbs on their plates. When you’ve lost Alec Baldwin…

5 Responses to “Kicking the Brady Campaign Where it Hurts”

  1. Rob says:

    My schadenfreude is seriously dampened by the fact that they’re being replaced by a much more effective group.

    • Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

      I wouldn’t say effective. I’d say well-financed.

      • Rob says:

        When we’re talking about the Bradys, “effective” is an extremely low bar, and Bloomberg’s money is more than enough to get his groups over it…

  2. Brad says:

    Hollywood celebrities piling on gun-control advocacy just reminds me of Glenn Reynold’s admonition to end the special-interest Hollywood tax breaks.

  3. Ski says:

    Matthew Broderick is a member! He’s killed more people that 99.99% of gun owners….


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