The New York Times a Tool of the Brady Campaign

Sorry for the late start this morning. Insomnia can be a harsh mistress. Emily Miller notes that the New York Times is a tool of the Brady Campaign, with a leading story that drags up cases from the early 2000s that show the industry doesn’t care about curbing the use of guns in crime. Much like Ford and Toyota don’t care about drunk drivers, because they make and sell cars.

2 thoughts on “The New York Times a Tool of the Brady Campaign”

  1. It is my personal belief the primary motive force behind the gun-control crusade IS the press. Not the gun-control groups, not the anti-gun politicians, and certainly not the the phantom ‘grass roots’ anti-gunners.

    Without the agenda-setting and cheerleading of the Press, the gun-control crusade would have run out of steam decades ago. It’s the only thing which still gives the corpse of gun-control a semblance of vigor today.

  2. Funny (sad?) how cars, which kill people in numbers many times those of lawfully owned guns, and which there is no Constitutional Right to own, never seem to be questioned or vilified like guns are.

    If it’s truly about safety then eliminate all cars and expand public transit! Trolleys, Subways, Buses, Trains, etc…..

    Then work on the problem of abortion which kills millions of children a year, ban it!
    Remember it’s for the children…….

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