Polling Shows Very Bad News for Gun Control

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I used to be accepted in the Democratic Party that gun control cost them Congress in 1994, and cost Al Gore the election in 2000. Them somehow, Obama and the media convinced candidates it was cool again. Our opponents are saying this poll shows growing interest in gun policy, but a closer look at the crosstabs show this is actually very bad news for them. That’s probably why Martin O’Malley thought it was a good idea to introduce a gun control plan that makes Al Gore’s look mild. Let me briefly summarize what Obama’s Chosen One to take out Hillary proposes:

  • Universal gun registration.
  • Licensing and fingerprinting of gun owners.
  • Ban on so-called “assault weapons” like he did in Maryland.
  • Ban possession of any firearm by people under 21. No more teaching your kids.
  • Reject federally mandated concealed carry.
  • Require microstamping federally.
  • Extend domestic situations to people dating.
  • Mandated “lost & stolen” reporting.
  • Allow unlimited surprise inspection of dealers.
  • Revoke the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
  • Make people subject to TROs prohibited persons.
  • Require guns in the home be locked up and made unavailable for self-defense. Remember, the Supreme Court is retreating from Heller and McDonald.
  • Force manufacturers who do business with the federal government to install “safety features” like magazine disconnects.

This isn’t much of a sage prediction, but O’Malley is not even going to give Hillary a run for her money. He’s a loser, as Donald Trump would say. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. He’ll be a glaring example that gun control won’t save you, even in a Democratic Primary.

3 thoughts on “Polling Shows Very Bad News for Gun Control”

  1. Could they have possibly added any more bias to that poll “analysis” on CNN?

  2. Hey, the only step left is to “fund” the “licensing” requirement with TAXES on gunz. And then set up SWAT squads to show up to “inventory” your registered gunz to make sure you havn’t sold or bought something you shouldn’t have. Say start at $10 a gun, then $100 then $1000. Then UTOPIA! WOO HOO! Then only the criminals and government will be armed.

  3. I continue to love the fact that gun control advocates assume more interest in gun policy is always going to be FOR more gun control.

    Let’s not fix that assumption.

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