The Passed Ordinances

Thanks again to reader ErnieD for doing the hard work finding the PDFs, but here are the passed ordinances (Sorry, all the links are now dead as of 5/2014):

1. 080018-A Prohibited Possession, Sale, Transfer of Firearms by Persons Subject to Protection from Abuse Orders

2. 080032-A Reporting Lost or Stolen

3. 080035-A One Gun A Month

4. 080017 Removal of Firearms From Persons Posing Risk

5. 080033 Assault Weapons Ban

Several of these mirror existing federal and state laws.  Here’s my guess as to what they are planning, based on the laws they didn’t pass, and based on the ones that did.  Ortiz v. Commonwealth pretty clearly established that the city’s Home Rule Charter doesn’t allow it to override Pennsylvania Statute nor the Pennsylvania Constitution, and in this particular case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld preemption.   But let’s look at the preemption law:

General rule. No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammuni­tion components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this commonwealth.

I’m guessing they are planning to argue that the laws which overlap are criminalizing firearms possession for purposes which are prohibited by “the laws of this commonwealth” and so they can regulate.  I’m also guessing they will argue the lost and stolen require doesn’t regulate any of the above, and that the one gun per month scheme also doesn’t regulate any of the above.  I think they fully expect to lose on the assault weapons deal, which was just thrown in there for media effect.

Yes, all these arguments are bogus, and I’m confident they’ll fail, but pretty clearly, I think they will have to argue something other than home rule.

2 thoughts on “The Passed Ordinances”

  1. and WHO will have to pay for the legal challenges? The people. Perhaps a statewide tax refund should be proposed as well as a forfeiture of salary for all involved because they were clearly passing unconstitutional laws that will result in the deprivation of rights AND a financial burden on the citizens of the state.

    You think there are any PA lawmakers with the balls to introduce that one?

  2. Who paid for the 2 years of legal wrangling against Joey Vento?

    Puffed up bloviation from elected officials who pass stupid laws catering to the nanny state set to make it appear as if they are actually doing something to earn their fat cat salaries.

    Meanwhile, the taxpayers foot the bill for the legal challenges to knee jerk laws passed to indulge the egos of elected officials.

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