Well, That Didn’t Amount to Much

Everytown Rally Capitol Hill

Everytown’s rally on Capitol Hill, that they said would be “massive” turned out to be no bigger than a typical Friends of the NRA dinner. The Philadelphia FNRA dinner turns out twice the number of people as are in that crowd every year:

In an email promoting the event last week Everytown for Gun Safety had promised to “flood the Capitol grounds with gun sense supporters,” and said the protest would be “massive.” Everytown did not provide an estimate on crowd size in their press release summarizing the event.

If you’re going to beat your chest like this, you better be damned sure to deliver something extraordinary if you plan to scare politicians. Bloomberg’s rally is in the realm of “things politicians are used to seeing on Capitol Hill. This is not. Donna Dees’ does not need to worry. She is still the reigning queen of gun control rallies. At least Bloomberg didn’t have to blow a ton of money on busses and box lunches.

Everytown has not been completely without effect, however. Gun sales are smashing records. See? They are having an impact.

6 thoughts on “Well, That Didn’t Amount to Much”

  1. During his speech Sen. Kaine said gun manufacturers are behind what opposition there is. He said gun manufacturers are only interested in selling guns to as many people as possible.

    How long can they keep up this BS that gun manufactures somehow profit off of used firearm sales?

  2. It’s no different than the continued mantra pushed by the anti-rights groups that ‘the NRA is controlled by the gun makers’. They fail to comprehend there are 5 million voting and dues paying members, and another ten times that who believe in the cause but don’t pay dues. Any comparison to the grouchy and demanding mothers is laughable; even politicians are beginning to see Bloomy’s astroturf.

  3. So about 200. The same-ish amount they got in NYC and Indianapolis. Mostly the same core bused in people at each event one would wager.

    1. The USPSA Area 4 Championship match had more people than that show up. They all had to pay for an entry fee, meals, lodging, ammunition, and transportation. All that to stand out in the hot Texas sun shooting paper and steel.

  4. Hmm…no where in the Constitution is there a clause that if a group protests, then my civil rights are suspended.

    If they hate guns so much, they should not own any guns. Problem solved.

    Only my enemy wants me disarmed. They need to think about that fact. They need to STFU and leave me alone.

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