1000th Post & A New Look

This is my 1000th post since I started more than six months ago. That either means I’m doing a good job, or I need to shut up, or maybe both! I’m not sure which.

I decided to give the blog a makeover. There are a few reasons for this. For one, I think the old blog look was kind of tough to navigate and read sometimes. For two, the theme was breaking YouTube videos for some people. For three, I was starting to think the old theme was gaudy.

But I am not one to push something on my readers, so if you don’t like the new digs, say something in the comments. I won’t get offended; it’s not really my theme, I just doctored someone else’s. You have a few days to convince me that I should go back to the old theme :) I’ll take few comments as a signal that everyone thinks the new look and format is groovy, or you’re reading me through RSS and could care less. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome, though, I’m an engineer and not a graphic artist, so my ability to implement suggestions may be limited.  There may be some minor adjustments happening in the next few days as well.

10 Responses to “1000th Post & A New Look”

  1. Jym says:

    I agree with Alcibiades, better contrast on the comment boxes, a black border would be nice.

    Also, in the comments, the “Comment By” line should be black instead of the gray it is now, the light gray is difficult to read against the white background.

  2. Joseph says:

    Looking pretty good so far!

  3. Bitter says:

    Oh, I like it.

  4. guy says:

    Simple is good.

  5. Ahab says:

    It’s a bit more streamlined, so I’ll give it a thumbs up. As long as you don’t get rid of your little blue devil, I’ll be happy.

  6. Skip says:

    I really like the leaner/meaner look and the ease of getting around it. I’m a yea vote.

  7. Thirdpower says:

    Me Likey.

  8. I’ve been blocking the div id=wwsnow (footer) for a while, I guess I don’t have to do that anymore. That footer was the only real annoying part. Looks a lot better (now or before) than my blog ever did.

  9. Your sub-title text might do better in black – it blends into your snow volcano right now.

    Other than that, I like it. :-)

  10. Sebastian says:

    Ah! Thanks Sqeaky, I found a mistake in the CSS style sheet. The text should be pinned now no matter how wide you make your browser.