Weekly Gun News – Edition 12


We missed last week, since it was such a slow week.

Gun News:

Now we have another high profile mass shooting (sort of) on our hands, this one captured live on TV. This one looks like a case of a disgruntled employee. I typically don’t write much about mass shootings these days because the reporting is generally so bad, almost nothing turns out to be correct. More on that over at Bearing Arms. I couldn’t agree with Pat Rogers more.

Speaking of that, we had a few heroic Americans and a Brit who saved France once again. Good show.

NRA continues it’s original mission: teaching Yankee soldiers how to shoot straight.

Dave Hardy: Brady’s Empty Suits. Dave has been intimately involved in this fight since the beginning, and is a font of knowledge on the movement and it’s history.

Reminder: Bloomberg is targeting Maine. Having lost in the legislature, he’s taking it to the ballot, where his billions can overcome our grassroots energy and numbers. I’d note there are a lot more options available to us to fight back in Maine than in many of the western states.

Taking on the City of Seattle’s “Gun Violence Tax.” It pretty clearly violates preemption.

Finding the NRA in Ireland.

Not your father’s NRA.

Sandy Hook families file campaign finance complaint against NRA. NRA is calling it frivolous. They were willing to admit that they had made a mistake before when that Yahoo article came out, so I’d say it’s a safe bet this is frivolous.

Social Security Administration: We’re not going to add everyone with a representative payee, just some people. They are starting to walk back the proposal. Good.

The FBI is beginning an investigation of Kathleen Kane. She’s a Clinton ally, so possibly the White House won’t mind steamrolling her too much either, right along with Hillary’s campaign.

Expanding the category of prohibited persons is one of the gun control movements major strategies right now. This is pretty clearly going to have a disproportionate affect on the gun rights of minorities, which is probably the idea, to be hoenst.

Some easements for folks facing “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” in California. There still isn’t enough due process involved with these GVROs.

Hey, Vivek Murthy is an unapologetic gun control advocate. Who knew?

I get tickled pink to see gun control groups like Coalition to Stop Gun Violence tripping all over the politically correct obstacles the social justice movement has thrown up. They helped make this bed, so now they can lie in it.

Media outlet in Connecticut shocked to find there are 328 “assault rifles” in their town. Hate to tell you, there are a lot more than that. That’s only what people registered, and compliance with the registration law was almost nonexistent.

Again, I’m glad there are liberal gun owners out there. You should be getting behind Sanders and pushing him back to the side of gun rights, which is where I think his instincts lie. He needs some cover from the howling anti-gunners on the left. If you’re not willing to vote gun rights, you’re not really of any political use to the movement.

The shooting sports are coming back to high schools. This is a big deal in terms of winning the culture war. I won’t be satisfied until schools in New York City have rifle teams again.

I’ve seen this meme going around in the media, probably driven by Bloomberg’s group. Public opinion matters, but only to the degree you can scare politicians with it. There’s also the bandwagon effect. As long as we keep voting the issue, we can overcome public opinion. Here’s another one. This WaPo article is a bit more balanced.

Australia is going to allow lever action shotguns. Note that they call these “rapid fire.” Once they get the semi-automatics, then they’ll call simple repeaters “rapid fire,” and then try to get those banned. Then muzzle loaders can go under “large caliber.”

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey is trying to convince everyone that gun control works. Show some faith in action, Senator. Take a stroll through Dorchester at 2AM without your security detail. I mean, Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. What do you have to worry about? It’s working great in Britain too.

Just Guns:

The AEK-971, “the dark horse of the Russian next-generation individual weapons trials”

This is quite a staple gun. But hey, gun control works!

Tam gets a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 up to 1235 rounds before it malfs for want of a cleaning. I’ve been looking for a better pocket gun for a while, and looking at all the options available today. I thought that Smith & Wesson had taken the pocket gun to the next level with the BG .380. This will move acquiring one up on my short list.

Off Topic:

The Institute for Justice does God’s work for civil liberties in this country. Real civil liberties, not some of the fake ones the ACLU imagines and defends.

Glenn Reynolds on Donald Trump: “The candidate he most resembles, actually, is Barack Obama, circa 2007.” I’ve been thinking that too.

Jacob notes that Hillary is a “but it’s her turn,” candidate. That almost never turns out well. But since Hillary’s candidacy is imploding, they are warming up Uncle Joe in the bullpen. It’s his turn too.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 12”

  1. If you get a BG380, pocketholsters.com makes a pretty nice, well, pocket holster out of leather, if you decide to pocket carry. Looks like a wallet in a back pocket. Also, sneakypete makes a mag holster for them that looks just like a leatherman holster. Makes carrying an extra mag stupid easy….

  2. check out gunbroker for a colt mustang. There is a special with the all metal, 12 oz 380 with 2 6 round mags AND a frickin LASER. Got mine for about $500. Sits nice in a on the belt Don Hume holster until open carry starts in Texas on 1/1/16.

  3. The BG 380 made it to 1335 rounds, but the first light strike was at #140. Then #357, #628 and a few more at 1100+. If it is crud related, is a ~ 100 round cleaning limit indicated?

    1. Good question. The other thing I would ask is whether there is a design issue that could be resolved in regards to the firing pin.

  4. You should be getting behind Sanders and pushing him back to the side of gun rights, which is where I think his instincts lie.

    Well, if Sanders loses the nomination, it won’t matter, because the Democratic Party isn’t going to read any of his success as “because of his not-far-Left position on guns!”.

    And if he wins, God help us. I’d … rather have Hillary Clinton than Sanders (or Warren).

    (File under “Words I Thought I’d Never Type In All Seriousness”.)

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