Another Person Finds out a Gun Permit Isn’t Like a Drivers License

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It always seems to be the 9/11 memorial people get busted, when they go and ask the nice NYPD officer where they can store their pistols, who naturally promptly arrest them. It’s amazing how every single one of these stories go down the same way. It’s like they expect that New York City is part of America or something, but they’d be wrong. I have to imagine they cover reciprocity issues in the Texas CHL training class. My first PA LTC came with a two page letter from the Chester County Sheriff explaining various dos and don’ts, including (at the time) the lack of reciprocity with neighboring states, with a big capitalized emphasis on not carrying in New Jersey or New York.

But we can hardly blame people, which is why we need to fix this issue and make every state recognize every other states licenses. We also should be clear that the longer the other side makes us wait, the worse the eventual bill is going to be from their point of view. In fact, because the Courts have abdicated their responsibility to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans, we’re going to be looking at a whole list of things Congress might do under their Section 5 powers of the 14th Amendment. America is coming, New York City. Better get used to it.

11 thoughts on “Another Person Finds out a Gun Permit Isn’t Like a Drivers License”

  1. I would have thought that checking state laws before you travel was common sense, but apparently not.

    CCW instructors really need to start hammering into their students that the permit is good IN THEIR STATE ONLY, unless the carrier personally confirms reciprocity from a reliable source (like the state police of the other state).

    1. checking state laws before you travel was common sense

      Common sense.
      So uncommon now, it’s a Superpower.

  2. It would seem to me that if each state must recognize another state’s solemnization of a same-gender marriage, then how much more should a state be required to recognize another state’s carry permit? Remember, there is no Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to same-gender marriage.

  3. 3 things congress can do, and should do.
    2)Force states to recognize “personal self-defense” as a valid reason to issue a permit
    3)Force states to issue permits under the same SLAs as NICS operates under (unless rejected within 3 business days, permit must be issued).

    Alternatively, Congress should extend the LEOSA forced-permit-issue to anyone who is not a prohibited person.

    Something I think Congress can do, but I’m not sure they will: ensuring that practical qualifications for a permit are no harder/stricter than the practical qualifications required of the police.

    1. Congress already wrote a law to force all States to recognize the righ of all Americans to carry firearms in 1791.

      1. Yeah, but if you can’t convince a court of that it doesn’t amount of a hill of beans, and the Supreme Court has refused to hear any of the cases asking if there is a right to carry a firearm at all, so it’s a mixed bag. Effectively the Second Amendment doesn’t mean much right now.

        So it’s going to be up to Congress to use its 14th Amendment powers to enforce the 2nd Amendment right.

  4. These gun owners are morons. I can’t imagine travelling to aanother state without checkin. And come on. Its nyc

  5. The problem is its common sense that the permit would be good everywhere. That’s the logical thought. Which is how it should be set up, unfortunately outside of America it isn’t.

  6. Must be why non-resident carry-courses and applications are so popular. After getting my California CCW I went back to class and got the Utah and AZ permits – and now AZ is reciprocating with Nevada, I can carry there too.

  7. There are people who insist that the world works the way that they want it to work, no matter how much you tell them different.

    Had one of these kind of people in my office yesterday with the result that since I would not alter my explanation of how the law worked (in a different topic than CCW) to match their fantasy, that I must be a moron.

    Well … there was indeed at least one moron in my office at the time …

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