Bloomberg’s Everytown Distorts CRS Study

Michael Bloomberg

When I wrote yesterday about a new study that shows mass shootings are not on the rise, I told Bitter, “I’ll bet you Bloomberg’s mouthpieces are going to seize on the raw numbers and ignore the part about controlling for population growth.” And sure enough, right on cue. They have to deceive and distort in order to win, because the facts are not on their side. The fact is that when controlled for population, there’s no trend. But they ignore that, and rather than pointing out flaws in the study, they just leave off key facts and hope their readers don’t notice. I guess Everytown do want to be science deniers!

7 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Everytown Distorts CRS Study”

  1. The sad part is, it works. Their readers aren’t going to dig through the report themselves. They won’t even question what Everytown is saying.

  2. I have always wondered what traumatic event happened to Bloomberg That caused him to be so anti-gun.

    1. The trauma of having billions of dollars yet not everyone bows down before you?

    2. It’s not just anti-gun.

      The man is a meddlesome puritan on a wide variety of issues.

      And, according to interviews, liek a Puritan he thinks he’s doing God’s work.

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