How You Know We’re Winning

Padded Cell

Hate monger for the Daily Beast Cliff Schecter is losing it. You can consider Schecter a barometer for how we’re doing as a movement. The more petty, angry, and hate filled he gets, the better we’re doing. He must be pretty exhausted by now, having built all those straw men. We even get a bit of Markley’s Law for good measure:

Much like the guy screaming about the end of the world on the street corner, when it doesn’t happen, the NRA just pushes back the timeline a bit, rinses and repeats. Considering their target audience is comprised of the same old white men who buy penis pills via group email, pulling this off is not as difficult as one would imagine.

I sincerely hope we can continue to help Mr. Schecter with his continuing mental breakdown.

10 thoughts on “How You Know We’re Winning”

  1. Another sign is how often he instults the inteligence of gun owners and the number of times he insults women by thinking they’ll just hurt themselves with their guns.

    And then there’s the old chestnut of “Obama doesn’t want to take your guns!” Which is funny given the President lobbied congress to ban the most popular rifles and magazines… and that Schecter would if such bans were passed.

    (It’s not like he thinks, for example, NY’s 2nd AWB was too far.”

    Though really those are all the same symptoms. As Sebastian points out Schecter’s livid that these stupid proles are beating him.

  2. I keep seeing them bringing up the issue of disarming domestic abusers. What I don’t get is that was done in 1996 with the Lautenberg Amendment. Am I missing something or are they just trying to make it more illegal?

    1. That or it’s like how in the 90’s AWBs were about getting “machine guns off our streets”.

  3. You’d think a journalist of his caliber would be able to link things from e-mail he receives properly, too… :P

    I wonder who is feeding him the links to this material via e-mail…

  4. Ah the tears of leftist scum waters the Tree of Liberty. Every reverse they suffer enriches our country.

    It’s not their country, they simply reside here and try to destroy it like pigs who soil their sleeping area.

    For him and his ilk, I keep secretly hoping that they suffer the natural consequences of being disarmed and encouraging criminal behavior (e.g. OWS, the Ferguson effect, soft on criminals). It tends to convert liberals when they experience the logical outcomes of their policies.

  5. I have never read this guys stuff before, but wow. That really IS some hateful stuff. I don’t know why people let themselves get that worked up. Must suck to harbor so much negativity and ill-will.

  6. Does anyone know who said,”The difference between a liberal and a conservative is a conservative was a liberal that’s been mugged.” or something like that.

  7. I’m sure he believes we should all live in a state like NJ, where instead, your domestic partner stabs you to death with a knife while you wait for the state to allow you the ‘privilege’ of purchasing a firearm.

    I’m not sure I want someone with his logic and anger issues to own a gun either; if you got to pass gun control legislation, maybe pass a law to pull his 2A rights without due process, and maybe his 1A too. The SPLC would label this hate speech and him an extremist if he said this about any other group!

  8. How I know we’re winning? Texas just sent a campus carry bill to their governor which takes blanket bans off the table, and Students for Concealed Carry calls it a defeat, while some gun control groups claim it as a victory. 25 years ago, that would have been a major victory for us.

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