Rick Snyder Running for President in 2016?

Rick Snyder

Jim Geraghty discusses the rumors that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is running for the 2016 GOP nomination. My opinion is that Chris Christie is enough of a squish on gun rights, and that’s enough squish for one race. We remember that Rick Snyder vetoed a package of pro-gun bills sent to him by the Michigan legislature. We don’t forget, Governor. That’s why we’re successful. If Snyder enters the race, I don’t see too many pro-gun people backing him in the primary.

9 thoughts on “Rick Snyder Running for President in 2016?”

  1. Speaking as a Michigan resident who voted for Gov. Synder, I don’t see many Michiganders backing him in the primary.

  2. The 2016 GOP (and even the Democratic) field is so crowded, I don’t see him as a front-runner even if he had a better record.

  3. This race is turning into an entertaining large-field game. I still haven’t seen anyone worth voting for. I may have to vote against and be damned

  4. I can’t see Snyder as presidential material if your looking for anything better than a RINO in office.

    Snyder has signed a few pro-gun bills, including legalizing SBRs and SBSs in Michigan and some small improvements in the carry laws.

    Unfortunately, he’s a squish and is not pro-gun by any means – sadly gun rights are just a distraction to him. Any time there’s the slightest opposition to a pro-gun bill or the political winds show any opposition to such, he will fold like a cheap suit and veto it (The CPL reform bill you mention came to his desk right when Sandy Hook occurred and the storm of MSM pressure on him since it had allowed concealed carrying in schools he dropped it like a hot rock. That’s who he is. Not an outright anti but certainly not pro unless its convenient and risk-free.

    He’s not going to spend any political capital on it as he’s focused pretty solely on big business and the economy, period. I can’t see him changing that view regardless of what office he may hold.

  5. I’m wondering if we are going to see a pattern here similar to the not-Romney thing. Are we going to see not-Bush after not-Bush rise and fall until we end up with a Bush vs. Clinton match-up?

    Interestingly enough, it almost looks like the Dems may mirror the Repubs this time with some not-Hillary after not-Hillary hilarity.

    Is it just me, or does the name Rick Snyder sound like a made-up Hollywood action character name, or maybe a cheesy 80s rock-and-roll DJ name? Can we just refer to him as “The Ricker!!” (yes, that’s two exclamations, and they ARE officially part of the name rather than being punctuation)?

    1. Well, Dee Snyder was the front man for Twisted Sister back in the day.
      Actually, I think I’d rather have Dee Snyder as President anyway…..

    2. Michigan had two Republican Gubernatorial candidates who went by “Dick”. Both Dick Posthumus and Dick DeVos lost to Jennifer Granholm.

      I guess Mr. Snyder figured the lesson was, “don’t be a Dick”.

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