Where I Go To Cheer Up

Glenn Reynolds is a happier warrior than I am, and has had some real gems, and good rhetorical comebacks to the anti-gun crowd.

Like this one about what the gun community is going to do about this tragedy. Apparently the answer has been a problem for the sarcasm challenged.

So if we’re going to have a “National Conversation on Guns,” here are some openers.

Meanwhile, does Media Matters’ David Brock have a new assistant who carries an illegal Glock, or is that over with?

A USA Today piece from Glenn talking about the fallacy of gun free zones. Shame the governor of Michigan didn’t read it, or didn’t care.

Hey, Mayor Bloomberg: What kind of guns does your security detail carry? Same goes for celebrities.

The Fruits of Britain’s Gun Policy.

6 thoughts on “Where I Go To Cheer Up”

  1. Huh. One of the commenters… well, deep in one of those links, had it wrong. It’s “Regulierung Macht Frei!”

    Anyway, the links to UK items started interesting, but digging around I can’t find any recent data.

  2. Governor Snyder may have stepped in it this time by doing exactly what he promised to do. He didn’t want to sign the bill because he wanted an “opt out” clause so that municipalities could retain ‘pistol free zones’. This would have been bad because Michigan also has a law that says something to the effect of the local governments can’t make laws that are more restrictive than state law. It would have been a bad legal contradiction and would have set poor precedents.

    That being said, I think he made a terrible error. I fired off three letters immediately upon hearing about it.

    –Matt Rogers

  3. Update: Michigan Governor Veto.

    I talked to John at Constituent services, and it was basically what I had said. The guy on the phone was actually very knowledgeable and helpful. He basically confirmed what I had said already, that the specific objections to the ‘opt out’ ability of local governments were not satisfied so the governor vetoed the bill.

    Overall, my first experience with ‘government’ since high school, and it went pretty well. I was pretty calm, and we had a good discourse. I made a comment about letting him get back to getting his ear chewed off, and he made a kind of sad half laugh….lots of angry folks in Michigan today apparently.

    –Matt Rogers

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