Philly Judge Allows NRA Suit to Go Forward

The city wanted to put a stop to the lawsuit challenging their illegal gun ordinances while the constitutionality of the bill was fully litigated, but a judge has decided that the suit may move forward, despite the battle over constitutionality. This is very good news, and a welcome contrast with the judge in Pittsburgh who stayed the suit in Pittsburgh early in March.

Yesterday, an appeals court refused to lift the stay on the Pittsburgh case.

3 Responses to “Philly Judge Allows NRA Suit to Go Forward”

  1. Chase says:

    Any day now, it’s going to be decided by a judge that the bill broke the constitution’s single subject rule, and then the preemption law will go away.

    I don’t like it, but I can read, and unlike the people who hate us and want to steal our arms, I can admit when something I happen to like is unconstitutional.

  2. Zermoid says:

    The Preemption law is not at risk, it has been law for decades, the new law that eliminated the need to show direct harm from the illegal ordinances in order to sue is all that will go away.