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It’s been a long week for work, what with taking a few days off to attend the NRA Annual Meeting. But I have been trying to keep up with the news, and with that my tabs are quite constipated.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board banned firearms in Pennsylvania Casinos, a relic of the fact that it was Ed Rendell who set up that board. The Board just rescinded that regulation. Good. It was never really legal to begin with.

Stirring the pot: 6.8mm Remington SPC not so special after all. I have an AR chambered in this caliber. It was my only flirtation with any of these new boutique cartridges.

Constitutional Carry bill introduced in Ohio, and Maine’s bill draws hundreds to the State House. We just need enough people that want it bad enough.

Jim Geraghty from NRAAM: A yawning cultural gap begets clueless reporting on GOP field.

There’s a recall effort afoot against New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney. Additionally, recall effort have been filed in Oregon. This works for us in Colorado, but it might not everywhere. Still, I don’t see any reason not to keep them afraid. Oregon looks particularly precarious. More here. Once the waters top the levee, it’ll be hard to stop. Once they think you can’t hurt them, it’s all over.

I admire this guy, but he’s lucky he didn’t become the next George Zimmerman. The system doesn’t want you to get involved. They’re designing it so you won’t.

More effort to restrict 3D printing of guns. Can’t stop the signal.

Remember that Bill Haslam was a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, when he was Mayor of Knoxville.

Does Kenya really need a may issue concealed carry regime? Seems they don’t have licenses to carry in Kenya. If you have a license to own it, you have a license to carry it. But the licenses to have it are may-issue.

Obama hasn’t given up on gun control. That has David “Mudcat” Saunders worried about the future. That’s funny, Mudcat wasn’t all that worried after Sandy hook.

Joe Manchin isn’t too happy with NRA. That’s fine, because the feeling is mutual. Let’s see how Joe does in a reddening state come his re-election.

It looks like GOAL of Massachusetts may have won a minor victory against the anti-gun billboard king John Rosenthal. See this release from GOAL.

If this study were true, America would be awash in blood. It’s not. Violent crime has dropped as gun ownership has increased. The problem these people have is that they would like to disbar people from owning guns if they were “angry” people. But owning a gun is a right, and that should, necessarily, take certain policy options off the table.

A lot of people are upset NRA didn’t invite Rand Paul, and fewer that they didn’t invite Chris Christie. Rand shills for a gun organization, NAGR, that opposes federal civil rights legislation to protect the RKBA. Federal Civil Rights legislation is the only way we’re going to free people in anti-gun states. Even though Paul voted for National Reciprocity last time it came up in the Senate, the organization he supports and promotes opposes it.

SayUncle: “So, basically, my butt refuted The New York Times.” More here.

Hey, good on this kid for building a smart gun without formal training. I have no problem with smart guns, if people want to buy them. I have a big problem with the busybodies that want to mandate them.

Miguel takes a look at crime during NRA Annual Meeting. As is usually the case, there was less of it.

One thing Bloomberg and Watts are good at is doubling down on failure.

Thirdpower on Brady: “She’s dead, give us money.” If it wasn’t for Bloomberg’s money, the gun control movement would be finished already.


8 thoughts on “Friday News Links 04-17-2015”

  1. Two points on the GA story, first a woman was hanging on the hood of her car while a carjacker was driving off in the vehicle. There were witnesses and the suspect was in a stolen vehicle.

    Second there is the quote that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Now I don’t think gun owners should be ignorant of the legal gamut they face if they are involved in self defense shooting, but if I ever see a violent crime going down I hope to be guided by my moral compass rather than the political climate of where I live. No I am no sheepdog.

  2. Have you seen the video related to the “smart gun” kid? It’s mainly about Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc… for a technology that’s supposed to be for accidental deaths. You don’t see any real content related to kids accidentally killed by guns, supposedly the whole point of this “smart gun” project. I’d be suspicious of the motives of those promoting this.

    1. It’s a bait-and-switch tactic. It only works if people don’t notice the deceptions (which, come to think of it, is most people).

      To me, it’s right up there with listing “innocent victims of gun violence” and including teenage gang-bangers and criminals shot in self-defense by private citizens or cops. Just another way to pad the numbers and get the emotional responses going.

  3. Bloomberg and Watts may be good at doubling down on failure, but I’d note that in a casino, if you have effectively unlimited funds you can double your bet every time you lose, and you only have to win once to come out ahead.

    And there’s no maximum bid limit in politics.

  4. Another newsmaker out of Texas:
    FoxNews is reporting two historic open carry bills allowing those with concealed carry licenses to also open carry handguns (apparently, all other Texans cannot open carry) have passed their respective houses of the State legislature and need only to have their differences ironed out to be sent to Gov. Abbott for his expected signature.

    I know we here have had our reservations as to the wisdom of open long gun carriers in Texas, but the article intimates that it had no deleterious effect, and was possibly beneficial:

    “Texas currently allows citizens to openly carry long guns in public, however. That has spurred gun-rights groups to carry assault rifles into restaurants and stores and along the sidewalks adjoining the Texas Capitol, to highlight what they see as a senseless legal distinction.

    The push by gun enthusiasts, a powerful constituency within the Texas Republican Party, has helped legislation move through the GOP-controlled Legislature this year after several years of stalled efforts.”

    Regardless, I’m just glad to see this first step accomplished.
    – Arnie

    1. I’ve never been convinced of the “power” of Texas gun rights groups. Texas laws are quite a bit behind some other states. Their CCW laws are just such an example. They seem to be having a lot of trouble easing those requirements.

  5. “to ensure that criminals and terrorists can’t produce guns that can easily be made undetectable.”

    And so we have proof that Steve Israel is an idiot. Just because a law makes something illegal, doesn’t mean that criminals and terrorists CAN’T do that thing.

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