News Links for Friday 03-20-2015


It’s tab clearing time again, folks:

Clayton Cramer will be the featured speaker at the Firearms Policy Coalition 03/29/2015 in Sacramento.

NRA is opposing the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. It’ll be interesting to see who bucks NRA on this vote.

Rape survivor challenging Mom’s Demand Action.

Another case of CSGV being classy. Personally, I think it’s a tacit admission that their side is more motivated to action by cultural condescension and hate than they are by reducing gun violence. Where’s the fun if you can’t hate on people you think are beneath you?

There was a protest held in Bala Cynwyd Park to protest Lower Merion Township’s illegal ordinances regulating firearms. Lower Merion Township is being intransigent about repealing their ordinance, claiming it’s in line with state law and therefore legal. This is nonsense. More from the Inquirer.

An explosion in college shooting teams, including one at MIT. This is the work of the evil gun lobby!

Lawsuits challenging the NFA or 922(o) (the Hughes Amendment), at this point in time, are very poorly considered. At this point all you’re going to do is make bad precedent.

Many conservatives are blowing it on Ferguson, according to Red State. Red State is usually a bit too SoCo for my tastes, but they are absolutely right in pointing this out. Conservatives have to start taking police abuses seriously if they want to have any prayer of splitting black voters away from the Democrats. It’s also the right thing to do.

Caleb looks at why Bullseye is still the most popular pistol shooting sport.

NRA is going after two more illegal ordinances in the City of Lancaster.

The Washington Post is being even more ridiculous than usual.

Gun control groups distance themselves from the M855 ban. The stench of failure here belongs entire to the Obama Administration.

Remember, we need to have a national discussion on gun violence, but at no point should that discussion ever include someone who might disagree with gun control groups.

Massad Ayoob dives into the shark infested waters of the Open Carry debate here, and again here. I am in general agreement with his position on this.

Looks like a former staffer for Eric Cantor will be lobbying for Bloomberg. Like I’ve said, you don’t find many true believers in DC, even among Republicans.

On the other hand, sometimes you can make friends out of former enemies.

Joe Manchin doesn’t like West Virginia’s Constitutional Carry Bill. That’s OK, because I’m not West Virginians much like Joe Manchin. I guess we’ll find out in 2018.

You’ll often hear people say “Die in a fire!” as an insult, but as a gun owner, if you really do die in a fire, there are some on the other side who will be happy about it. Also, they have only the utmost respect for our nation’s veterans.

Bill Haslam not so pro-gun anymore? Well, he was once a member of MAIG.

Family court rules that all guns must be removed from a father’s home until the kid is 18. Without having to reach Second Amendment issues, a higher court reverses only on grounds that the order is ridiculous.

It’s worth mentioning again: It’s a bad idea to take self-defense advice from Joe Biden.

9 thoughts on “News Links for Friday 03-20-2015”

  1. Actually regarding the Biden defense, it might have worked, at least to some degree, “Prosecutors later dismissed a charge of illegally discharging a firearm but charged him with obstructing an officer”

  2. Re: the Biden defense. The man’s a lawyer. Bar-certified. Is there nothing that can be pressed with the state or national bar associations over his recklessly providing ridiculous, patently false legal advice?

    It could credibly be argued that he’s advocating people intentionally break the law!

  3. I disagree on 922o. They’re taking a novel approach that calls into question 922o under a rational basis test. Banning transfer of all fa weapons manufactured after a particular date is facially an arbitrary restriction. Ones made after 1986 are no different than those made before. If govts rationale is that fa is particularly dangerous and unusual then the restriction doesn’t fit the govt interest because everything made before 86 is still transferable. To fit rational basis it basically has to be an all or none proposition.

    1. Exactly. And even if they strike it down, it still has to go through the NFA process- fingerprints, $200, registration, etc.

    2. I’m all the way with you but I think the courts really don’t want to throw out 922 (o), so they just won’t.

      On the other hand, we don’t know if we don’t try.

    1. Don’t spike the ball quite yet. He took a job with the NFL, that was without a doubt was months in the making.

      1. I see. Interesting. And suggests the M855 ban and the rest of the histrionics was a parting gift/screw you I’m out combo. Didn’t work

  4. You can’t be the party of limited gov’t while pushing trans va-jay-jay ultra sounds and arming the crap out of small town police departments. Washington conservatives are just another bunch of D.C. liars.

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