Pew Shows Highest Support for Gun Rights Ever

Pew Research released a poll showing their highest documented support for gun rights, and 63% of their respondents said the best way to protect yourself against crime was with a gun. The survey also specifically says that Americans do not believe that more gun control will keep them safe.

Pew says that there’s a disconnect between perceptions of crime rates and actual crime rates. That’s not at all news for anyone who reads Free Range Kids and the kind of attitudes they are trying to battle with a little sanity and a lot of information. What I find interesting is that, in my experience, the serious gun owners I know do realize that crime is trending downward. It’s the people I know who either don’t own guns or who just have one locked away somewhere who believe crime is on the rise.

2 thoughts on “Pew Shows Highest Support for Gun Rights Ever”

  1. Well, in some liberal utopia cities it may actually be on the rise, but for the most part it’s declining.

  2. More guns…less crime…
    Not so hard to figure out. The falling crime rate is the RESULT of more people realizing that they have the right, the duty and the means to defend themselves and their families.

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