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It’s about that time again, when the tabs and RSS reader fill up with articles I think are interesting, but I just don’t have much to add. Glenn Reynolds has a post that really speaks the truth, “For me, the real strain isn’t the blogging, but having to pay close attention to the news all the time. The news is usually depressing, when it’s not angering, and that’s doubly true for the Obama years.” Same for me too, but giving up and tuning out is what they want you to do. Here’s some of the news that’s fit to link (and some that isn’t!):

Kansas is looking to pass Constitutional Carry. We could use another win here to keep the momentum going.

Terry McAuliffe is a sad, sad panda.

As much as Shannon Watts might try, she can’t hide her true agenda. This is about registration folks, not about background checks.

Dave Hardy has been covering the latests ATF scandal with the Dobyns case. See posts here, here and here.

The mouth foamers at CSGV are trying to ruin Emily Miller’s career by getting her fired. It makes you wonder why religious organizations support what CSGV does. Isn’t Jesus’ new covenant, “Do unto others as you would want done unto you?” Seems like CSGV spends most of their time crapping all over that idea. Maybe someone should compile a dossier and send it to their coalition members. In the name of transparency and all.

Can we finally put a stake through the heart of more firearms = more crime? The evidence just doesn’t back it up.

Alan Gottlieb’s outfit is getting behind a repeal of I-594. My understanding is that I-594 can’t be repealed except by supermajority until 2016, after which is could be repealed by a simple majority. I don’t give much chance to outright repeal with the supermajority requirement.

NRA-ILA: Pro-gun legislation seeing action in Denver.

New York Sheriff encouraging civil disobedience.

Mom’s Demand pressuring Harris Teeter again. They haven’t had much luck with this schtick since most of the rifle OCing has stopped.

George Zimmerman Not Charged. Dude, it’s time to leave Florida and join a monastery.

Oooh, they raised a whole 7K from a couple of politicians. I’m shaking in my boots. Though, I do give them credit for putting their own money where their mouths are, rather than leaving taxpayers on the hook for all of it. BTW, where is the Brady Center? They were promising all these towns legal defense. Empty promise?

Meanwhile, Philadelphia is looking for ways to preserve its illegal gun laws, but is conceding some of them are going to be “suspended,” whatever that means.

Challenging the BATFE to stop eating crayons. SayUncle also notes that Sig is lawyering up.

I didn’t really report on the whole Bryant Gumbel controversy, because I just don’t give a crap what he thinks.

Chris Hernandez: Saved from “Tyrants”, by Open Carry Douchebags. Needless to say, no punches are pulled.

Chris Hernandez also has analysis of the Charlie Hedbo simulation here and here. There’s an old saying that a lie will get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on. TTAG didn’t get their analysis out until after the media and anti-gun folks (but I repeat myself) had already successfully spread their preferred narrative. This was entirely a self-inflicted wound.

Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the FDIC has announced they are very sorry about Operation Choke Point, and won’t do it again. I have to admit, if you had told me in 2008 that the FDIC would be weaponized as a political club with which to beat gun owners over the head, I’d have said you were nuts.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer: Elliot Fineman, Charles Heller, and Professor Nick Johnston are guests to talk about the suit Soto v. Bushmaster. Also, Soto v. Bushmaster was removed to federal court. This is a good thing.

New Hope City Hall shooter acquired his firearm illegally. It had the serial number scratched out. No background check could have prevented this.

Tim at Gun Nuts Media looks at a police shooting: “I DIDN’T WANT TO DO THAT!!” You have to imagine the cop in question has “Am I the next Darren Wilson?,” running through his head the whole time.

Eugene Volokh looks at whether a shooting range can exclude muslims. Answer? Probably not.

Winning the culture wars. Really, carrying through a checkpoint should be a misdemeanor at worst, but generally ought to be only a civil penalty. There should be the option of just fining someone who made an honest mistake. Pay your ticket and be more careful next time.

Remember, the left says they want to bring good manufacturing jobs back to the United States from overseas.

Not shocking: The man who tackled a concealed weapons permittee in a Walmart seems to have some mental issues.

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  1. I’d like to see all of Kansas, Texas and New Hampshire pass constitutional carry this year (all have bills pending) … not just for the fact that we’d get more constitutional carry states, but to watch the anti’s go apoplectic.

  2. Gov. Abbott just pledged to fight for open carry at a VFW convention. Patrick (Lt. Gov) pledged to fight for open carry less than 24 hours after saying it was “not a priority). And Texas has a bill to make forgetting your piece in the airport security line a fine. Hope they both pass, even though I have no intention of ever flying again.

  3. Thanks for doing this. I consider myself up to date on stuff, but usually have of your list is new to me.

  4. TTAG and it’s followers still refuse to admit they f*cked up with their Hebdo simulation.

  5. Possibly consider using to deny hits to scumbag clickbaiters like the daily beast? Some of us might not be using adblock (although I hope all of us who do have it disabled on this site! -_-), so linking to them is like printing them money for pissing you off.

    Also, it helps to have an archive or screenshots for the really horrific stuff they might try to “memory hole”, particularly on twitter.

    1. If I refused to link to any site that pissed me off, or had annoying ad schemes, I wouldn’t be able to link to virtually anything on the Internet. Though, I’ll take a look at, and consider using that in the future. There are certainly some sites that I absolutely loathe, for various reasons, so this could end up being useful.


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