NRA Street Festival 2015: Can Shannon Watts Protest This Much Fun?

It hasn’t been unusual for NRA Country to bring country artists into arenas to do shows for NRA members. That’s been the case many times in the past, but they’ve always been confined to arenas or events that have been going on “in there.” But this year is really the first time NRA has put on its own street festival. Is it successful?


It’s hard to see because it’s pretty dark out, but that crowd stretches packed tight all the way up to the stage. Don’t ever let them tell you we’re not mainstream, or that we’re all just a bunch of crazy extremists. NRA is now very much part of the mainstream.

Meanwhile, Shannon Watts and her fellow dour puritans at Moms Demand Action, are expecting to draw 400 people for a protest against this much fun! Personally, I think 400 is a bit optimistic.

5 thoughts on “NRA Street Festival 2015: Can Shannon Watts Protest This Much Fun?”

  1. Be aware, according to the latest ‘study’, hundreds of those people have ‘impulsive anger’ and will start lashing out at any moment. Just like the riots and bloodshed that occurs every year at the NRAAM.

    Until then, have a drink (non-alcoholic if you’re carrying) for me.

  2. The blogoverse remains so very quiet about the Charter Arms display – or lack thereof. As does the MSM. Wonder why?

    stay safe.

      1. Evidently a container of display firearms (mostly of historical interest) did not end up in Charter Arms control. Shipper claims it was signed for and washed their hands. Charter Arms is having none of this and has (allegedly) reported the loss to BATFE. So, if nothing else, that should be interesting. Details via Book of Face; I forget the exact source (an attendee with a gun blog is all I recall – possibly Ambulance Driver>)

  3. Since you are posting pics from time to time from the convention, how about some pics showing the diversity of the crowd. I am sure the whole weekend is already being labeled a collection of white, racist short-dicked men with anger issues.

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