Sarah Brady Dies

Apparently of Pneumonia, at age 73. The end of an era in gun control. My thoughts are prayers go out to her family. I don’t believe we should be horrible people about something like this.

In contrast to Bloomberg, who is relatively easy to vilify, and practically a self-parody of a nanny stater, Sarah Brady was far more than a checkbook. The Bradys were a Washington power couple, and they were powerful advocates for gun control when they took up that cause. I’d take Bloomberg as the Second Amendment’s arch nemesis any day of the week over Sarah Brady.

Hat Tip to Miguel, who is also promoting tastefulness.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Brady Dies”

  1. I’m glad she didn’t live to see all she worked for crumble.

  2. John Hinckley was the poster child for the insane, deranged assassin. If Sarah Brady had put her efforts into reforming mental health, she could have accomplished so much for so many. And we would have supported her.

    There are so many out there that need help, and they do not receive it. Too often, mentally ill people finally end up in jail, in the streets, or dead. And the damage they do to their friends, families, and society is terrible.

  3. I am a sinner. My first reaction was yes. My shame is in that. My condolences to her family She suffered a lot losing a healthy husband to one ravaged my a homicidal maniac.
    Her organization was a force to be reckoned with. Bloomberg is a worthy successor to her cause. However we won against her cause . We can win against Bloomberg’s cause also.

    1. I guess that manes me a shameless sinner……
      Ding, Dong the Witch is dead……
      Yes, I am terrible….
      If the anti’s can dance in the blood of the dead I can at least sing in it…..

  4. The Bradys were a Washington power couple

    May their gravesites turn into a urine swamp.

  5. I fully expect that Gabby Gifford will now be the next “Face” of the Anti-Freedom Movement.

    Kinda like “Star Trek-The Next Generation” gave us Jean-Luc Picard to replace James T. Kirk.

    But as far as Sarah’s Legacy goes, considering that in 2015 we actually have MORE Individual Rights than when she started (i.e., Constitutional Carry in more States, Shall Issue, Assault Rifle Ban GONE, Magazine Ban GONE, Heller, McDonald, etc.), her Headstone should reflect what she accomplished with her Life’s Work:

    “Epic Fail!”

  6. From the linked article:
    “And they saved lives. Countless lives.”

    Yeah, Countless, as in ZERO.

    1. I think they COST lives.

      How many people were dissuaded from making a firearms purchase due to the nonsense of gun control laws that made it more difficult to get one? Then, they die in a violent crime. They were never counted as the disenfranchised victims that they truly were and instead get counted as “victims of gun violence”.

  7. I’m fairly sure she believed in her cause. And even if she was completely off in her logic, it’s sad to see anyone die. But her actions did not help keep anyone safer. So I hope the Lord looks on her intentions, not her actions.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bloomberg’s coalition try to “buy out” the Brady campaign just for their mailing list.

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