Bloomberg’s $600k Pennsylvania Politician

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It looks like the Attorney General that Mike Bloomberg bought heavily contributed to in Pennsylvania is having a less than wonderful 2014. This was supposed to be the year that she would release the results of her Penn State “investigation” that would trash Gov. Tom Corbett right before the election – at least, that’s what some observers might think after watching her run on an immediate investigation with promised swift results in 2012 and not having anything to show for it after more than a year. Instead, it may be turning into the year that has investigations could be opening into her handling of political corruption cases.

For those who haven’t been following the general political news in Pennsylvania, Bloomberg’s golden girl who received hundreds in thousands of dollars in advertising during her campaign shut down a long-running undercover sting of politicians that found several Philadelphia-area lawmakers accepting cash and gifts from a lobbyist that they did not disclose. After the report came out, she lawyered up, refused to talk to the press during a meeting, and appears to be hinting at suing the press for even reporting the story that relied on named sources involved in the investigation for daring to run such criticisms of her.

Oh yeah, and it was said she tried to argue that because most of the politicians caught in the investigation up until the point she shut it down happened to be black, the investigation may have been racist. Then, the District Attorney from Philadelphia, who happens to be a black politician himself, stepped up and said that’s a bunch of bull and criticized her for shutting down the sting. Actually, that might be an understatement. Even the media called the criticism from the DA “unusually barbed criticism of a fellow prosecutor and fellow Democrat.”

Today, we learn that she has just gone through her 3rd spokesman in 14 months as the press begins to pile up against her for lawyering up. In addition, a website largely read by people pretty close to Pennsylvania politics ran a reader poll that asked if Kane should have brought charges against those politicians who were already on the record of accepting cash & gifts without reporting them, and a majority said she should have.

Bloomberg’s little Pennsylvania investment just put a big statewide spotlight on Democratic divides in the state, along with a reminder about the political corruption so well known in Philadelphia political circles as we come up in a big election year for the state. I’m not sure that’s what Bloomberg was hoping to get with his donations.

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  1. Simple to say that this wicked witch named, Kathleen Kane, was the first attempt by Comrade Bloomberg to sack a major Second Amendment State that has been Blue and the federal level since 1992. He knows that a big reason for Pennsylvania turning center-right- to center-left is from the filthy New Yewawk and New Joisey transplants that have infested the Lehigh Valley, Delco, and Montco, and only know how to vote Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat Democrat, Communist Democrat DOWN TICKET LIKE A BUNCH OF DROIDS!! PA should have gone red in ’00, ’04, and ’12 if the stupid GOP actually campaigned in sound geographical way. SW and NWPA went blue in the Bush years, becvause he never campaigned out there, and given the fact that every other office in ’00 and ’04 went red in PA, he should have won it. WPA started gettting red in 2008. It then went red in 2012, but the Eastern PA counties have shifted to swing or blue. There is no reason up shits creek that Erie and Allegheny counties went blue. Northampton and Lehigh counties were very close in ’12, and if Romney actually took the time to campaign in those counties, PA could have been Red. The Dems, with Comrade Bloomberg, see PA as permanently blue now, because the stupid GOP hasn’t been able to campaign in smart geographical way here, and have now, maybe from here on out, abandoned and doomed our state to a future like the Soviet Socialist Republic of New Yewawk.

    1. If the legislature has any balls, they should start having hearings on this case, questioning her, and then issuing subpoenas. This has the potential to damage the dems for the 2014 elections here in the state, in particular.

    2. It’s funny you should ask because the third result in suggested searches from Google when you type in her name is “Kathleen Kane impeachment.” Clearly, there are people very unhappy with her.

  2. This is great to sit back and watch with some popcorn. Not only are Kane’s aspirations for higher office taking some serious hits, but Bloomberg’s anti-gun investment in PA is turning out to be a total bust. Kane got elected by a coalition of your typical Philly-area liberals and otherwise-conservative PSU alumni who believed she would do something about the Sandusky situation. Now I’m hearing rumblings from a lot of conservative Dems out here in western PA that they are just as disappointed in her as they are in Corbett.

    Without Kane influencing things this year, the question will be who will stand after the primary to challenge Corbett. With the exception of McCord and Schwartz, most of them seem to be avoiding gun control altogether and if pressed will probably try to play the “sportsmen/hunting” angle (I can totally see Wolf doing this considering the image he’s trying to portray of himself). The key will be to do the proper vetting on whoever the challenger is and get Gun Culture 1.0 (socially conservative folks who vote Dem because they are pro-union) who aren’t fans of Corbett to see what the ramifications would be for not voting for him.

  3. So…Bloomberg’s branching out from just illegal Mayors, to illegal AG’s now, eh?

  4. Meanwhile the Democrat Mayor of Charlotte, N.C. is indicted in a similar sting operation – where’s the racism again and who’s Bloombertg’s baby in NC?

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