Progressive Racists Don’t Count?

Students at UT Austin are angry that their campus has a statue of a racist on campus:

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Statues of George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. and Woodrow Wilson, can all be found on the UT Austin Campus. But another historical figure among them, has some students angry.

Wait, another figure? You were talking about Wilson right? God help us that these ignorant and poorly educated kids will be running the country when I’m old.

“Jefferson Davis stood for some things that are pretty abominable today; Slavery, racism.” Rotnofsky believes. “They’re just not in line with the university’s core values.”


Without diving into the debate over Jeff Davis, if you’re going to tear down the statue of Davis, because he was a racist, you’re going to have to take the one down of ol’ Woody too, because in addition to being a good old fashioned racist and segregationist, unlike Jeff Davis, Wilson also bought into the eugenics movement, all the rage among progressives, that would later go on to form the basis for Nazi race theory.

But it’s OK for us to honor racists, as long as they were sufficiently progressive, right?

10 thoughts on “Progressive Racists Don’t Count?”

  1. Austin is liberal central for Texas. Lets these fragile snowflakes have their temper tantrum

  2. To be fair, Davis literally fought to ensure the continuation of chattel slavery.

    That is just a wee bit worse than “being a racist”.

  3. The “Top Ten Most Racist Comments” source absolutely had to be split into ten separate pages.
    There’s no way it could have all fit in one.

  4. They’ll be really upset when they find out that it wasn’t the South that wanted blacks counted at 3/5s.

  5. Progs still buy into eugenics in some from or another. The “tirue believers” still cry chicken little about overpopulation and if you entertain them to explain more of how you depopulate, it sounds like something akin to Margaret Sanger. Most of their plans have to deal with third world or minority neighborhoods.

  6. Just for the sake of historical conversation, while the theories of eugenics may have contributed to Nazi “master race” theory, the whole master race concept had already been pretty well developed by Anglo-Saxons as their theory, long before the eugenicists came along. Arguably, the only difference was that Anglo-Saxons leaned more on biblical theory than on science; the eugenicists only contributed an air of “modern” scientific analysis to an otherwise bogus belief system.

    In any case, even if Anglo-Saxon master race theory had become a bit old-hat by the first decades of the 20th century, adherents to it became quite chummy with the early Nazis, who borrowed from Anglo-Saxon theory as needed, only adding the “Aryan” angle, while not initially seeking to exclude Anglo-Saxons who chose to fellow-travel. I believe, but am not sure, that provided a strong connection for the British Fascist movement of the 1930s.

  7. I don’t think that Jeff Davis is person that deserves a statue, what with starting a war primarily to preserve slavery. Their foolishness got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed.

    I just wish more Americans would realize that he was a Democrat, not a Republican.

  8. I embrace my racism. I am a white male and get called a racist no matter what I do so I have learned to embrace it. When someone calls me a racist I say “Yeah and”. Then they don’t know what to do.

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