Goals: We Need Them

Glock, for the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, made a beautiful engraved model. As a community we need goals, so I would suggest we’re not finished until you can lawfully carry the Statue of Liberty Glock at the actual Statue of Liberty.

We’re a long ways from that, even if HR822 passes. Currently there is a security screen at the Statue of Liberty ferry, run by the National Park Service. There’s no law against the carrying of firearms in National Parks under New York Law, that I know of, but the building they do the screening in is a federal facility, which are gun free zones. So even if HR822 passes, you won’t be able to carry to the Statue of Liberty.

So I guess you could say HR822 is a Statute of Liberty won’t enable you carry at the Statue of Liberty.

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  1. My goal is to see the repeal of the Hughes amendment. That would be huge progress as even many “pro gun” politicians don’t want to go near the Machine gun issue. A perfect example of that was when the NRA was trying to push another amnesty period for registration of war trophies earlier this year and it went no where. So when we see the NFA getting dismantled we will know that we are truly winning.

  2. Yea, you obviously haven’t been to the statue in awhile. Metal detectors and no weapons allowed on the ferry. That said the actual land is national park, so if you find some way to not take the boat there (also illegal? / impossible?) I guess you’re good to go.

    Something tells me hr822 or not, you parachute to that statue armed or not and you’re in trouble. :)

  3. When I can order a gun directly from the manufacturer and receive it through the US Mail, and walk into a hardware store and buy my new machine-gun without filling out federal paper-work, I will know that we can relax a little, but the nature of man and government will require that we are always vigilant if we expect to keep our freedom and liberty.

  4. A statue of liberty is a bad joke in today’s New York. Under the burden of New York’s oppressive, police state rejection of the Bill of Rights, it no longer represents the ideal that most people there have, and it certainly does not represent reality. Nowadays we even have a federal government that wants to ban us from talking while driving. Liberty? It’s going to be a struggle.

    from nps.gov:

    Did You Know?
    Liberty Island is federal property within the territory of the State of New York even though it is closer to New Jersey.

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