Here Comes the Democrat Ammunition Bans

After ATF’s capitulation, the Democrats were quick to show their true colors and wave the gun control flag proudly. First out was Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) with H.R. 1358 “To enact into law a framework for deciding whether certain projectiles are primarily intended for sporting purposes for purposes of determining whether the projectiles are armor piercing ammunition.” It looks like we’re going to have another bill later this week, introduced by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA). Unlike Engel’s bill, which we do not have language for yet, Speier has introduced her bill in previous Congresses. Her bill would ban all centerfire rifle ammunition, because it changes the standard to apply to any ammunition capable of penetrating body armor typically worn by police officers, and which is designed to stop handgun rounds, not rifle rounds.

This is all fine by the Democratic Party of Barack Obama. It’s not that there haven’t been reps out there on the anti-gun fringes for a long time, introducing bills like these that they can put on a press release knowing they will die in committee. What’s different now is they are out, proud and loud about how anti-gun they are. Take Steve Israel for example, calling ATF “cowards” for backing down from a clearly unworkable proposal. There was a time when the Democratic Party believed that gun control was an issue that was keeping them out in the wilderness, and started to walk away from it. We have to ensure they stay out in the wilderness, for a while, until it’s become apparent they’ve really learned their lesson.

7 Responses to “Here Comes the Democrat Ammunition Bans”

  1. Mike says:

    Speier’s bill goes further than just ban ammunition, it actually bans projectiles that could pierce body armor and be used in a handgun. So, say you fire a 9mm bullet out of some wildcat rifle at a velocity that would penetrate a vest – you’ve now managed to ban the same bullet when loaded in a 9×18 Para case.

  2. Brad says:

    We know these bill have no chance in the U.S. Congress. But what about Blue States? Will we see a rifle ammunition ban in Connecticut or California anytime soon.

    How about in Sunnyvale? The Democrats have been tearing away at California state preemption laws for some time now with depressing success. If Sunnyvale can ban the possession of 10+ magazines, why not rifle ammunition too?

  3. KM says:

    Her bill would ban all centerfire rifle ammunition

    AKA – the “Poison Pill” amendment Ted ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy was so famous for using to quash bills he hated.
    Has his gravesite turned into a swamp from a bunch of people pissing on it?
    (doubtful since it’s at Arlington even though is doesn’t deserve it)

  4. Joe_in_Pitt says:

    The antis aren’t dumb, they manage to use the publicity we create when going after little-known encroachments to inform the rest of Low Information America.

    Notice how none of them were screaming about M855 until the ATF brought it up, now all of a sudden we have cops dodging these super-deadly rounds in AR pistol ambushes left and right. Sometimes I wonder whether the feds are colluding with anti-gun groups in timing these fabricated crises.

  5. Nate says:

    They are overplaying their hand. These ridiculous bills have zero chance of getting through the Republican-controlled Congress, and run the very real risk of resulting in backlash bills to liberalize ammo laws that can actually pass.


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