Peddling Outrage While Leaving Out Key Facts

It seems that Media Matters set their sights on Cam Edwards yesterday, challenging him on biography. See, at one point Cam said he received a resolution from the Oklahoma State House. It turns out it was a citation recognizing from not only the House, but also from the Lt. Governor. Yup, big discrepancy there.

However, their focus is on trying to make him look like he’s a media version of “stolen valor” by claiming an Emmy award. They even got the local executive director to back up the claims, yet Media Matters and the executive director aren’t acknowledging that Cam did actually receive an award giving his name in the honors section for his “significant contribution” on the documentary that won the Emmy. It’s signed by their president and everything.

Now, Cam did take time to update his bio to be more accurate. I mean we don’t want the Media Matters folks to worry their heads about the “Great Oklahoman citation” wording any more. And now it’s clearer that it came from not just the House, but even the Lt. Governor at the time. But more importantly, he did re-word it so it more accurately reflects that his work was part of a team effort that won an Emmy.

As Cam notes, this is part of the effort to keep everyone outraged about everything. Even with evidence presented that raise questions about their accusations (right now, MM is calling the Emmy thing a “lie” on their front page, despite having been provided the evidence that he did receive an honor from them), it’s not about accurately reporting the situation.

6 Responses to “Peddling Outrage While Leaving Out Key Facts”

  1. AndyN says:

    The headline on Cam’s piece calls it a failed smear attempt. It’s only a failure if the target audience cares enough to look for the truth. Does anybody believe that people who read Media Matters are going to do that?

    • Archer says:

      No, but the people who read Media Matters are inclined to hate Cam Edwards and the NRA anyway. There’s no winning with those people.

      The only two reasons to publish a smear piece are: 1) to throw hate at someone you disagree with (in an echo chamber, of course), and 2) to try to convince that person’s supporters to cease supporting, or alternatively, to convince people on the fence to not support him/her.

      On that second point, the people who support Cam and the NRA are probably more supportive now that they have the facts, and some few middle-grounders may choose to reject MM’s unreasonable outrage. In that sense, it’s a failed attempt at a smear piece.

  2. Drifter says:

    The media has valor to steal? Who knew?

    Does this mean we’ll soon see military folks claiming to have been right there with Brian Williams when crap got real on the set?

  3. Poor little Timmy. He can’t ever get the story quite right when it comes to bashing the NRA, gun rights, or anything else.

    Perhaps he is not the prime time player he thinks he is and should head home to Cedar Rapids to regroup.

  4. Windy Wilson says:

    In order to be awarded that >CITATION> didn’t the Representatives at the Oklahoma State House have to declare, “It is hereby that Cam Edwards be awarded a Citation for”?
    These people are absolutely shameless.