Great Social Commentary on Ammunition

Over at Joe Huffman’s. I will excerpt a portion:

Hollow points are evil because they’re made to inflict maximum damage upon soft flesh. Jacketed rounds are evil because they’re designed for military use, and penetrate armor. Lead rounds are evil because they poison our beloved vultures. Non-lead rounds are evil because they start fires and/or penetrate armor.

In response to concerns over the innate evilness of so much of their product line, in January of this year ammunition manufacturer ATK/Teksystems began investigating the possibility of crafting bullets exclusively from puppy love and rainbows, to be dubbed their new PLRB line of politically sensitive ammunition.

RTWT. I have nothing to add either.

2 thoughts on “Great Social Commentary on Ammunition”

  1. Is this real?

    What about wood bullets? They can kill vampires. And silver bullets are deadly to werewolves. Plastic bullets probably aren’t biodegradable. Maybe we can make them out of corn cobs or soybeans?

  2. Oregon Trails already has silver bullets.

    Wood bullets gets you in trouble with the tree huggers.

    Corn cobs may sound like a good idea but with the drought this year corn cobs are in short supply and even in good years the farmer really want that organic matter back into the soil.

    Soybeans? Are you kidding me? Soy contains phytoestrogens which binds to estrogen receptors in the body. This can mimic the effects of estrogen. Do you really want a bunch of gun nuts handling something that might contribute to irrational mood swings?

    I have friends that work at CCI/Speer in Lewiston Idaho and they tell me unicorn farts were also considered but the costs were too high and the BC’s were too low.

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